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  1. I spent a pile of time on this today. Moving the air intake hose I could hear the blower speed up, so not a blockage per se but certainly a lot of resistance. I will use the shortest possible hose on the inlet and get a blower pushing air into the compartment housing the hurricane. Measured temp on the top of the enclosure now 125F but temperature near the blower fan down to about 90F. thanks for the help and suggestions. the problem persists, though, that this heater has become incredibly noisy, the noise is coming from the (2 year old) blower which vibrates like crazy because the
  2. I have an older Hurricane Hydronic Heating system on my boat (20 years old, but mostly rebuilt by now) . Nice setup, with engine heat exchanger, hot water heater and three cabin zones. The system works, but it takes me a lot of maintenance to keep it going. For the last year or so I have been struggling with the heater unit getting exceptionally noisy, like 95 db if I'm within a meter or so of the heater! I trace this to the combustion air blower, which is a small squirrel cage fan. The Hurricane unit seems to be getting overly hot (like 150F / 70C on the outside surface) which is causin
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I guess it’s relevant to point out this is a 13m boat with a 45 sq. Meter mainsail. The sail is an aging North 3dl Marathon that has done fantastic service for the past 8 years and still has great shape. But it’s a heavy beast to wrestle down, particularly when it’s windy. i hadn’t thought about separating sail management from sail cover/up protection, so will likely head in this direction. keep the comments coming, and thanks!
  4. I’m curious to get opinions on the merits of a sail pack / stack pack whatever you like to call them for mainsail handling. Largish mainsail, getting it flaked boom is a major piece of work and a challenge when short/single handed, so I’m wondering if having a bag on the main would make the whole thing easier, and also provide a place for furled main to stow. The downside is the windage of that bag once sailing, so thinking of a design that could easily be snugged against the boom out of the way, with lazy jacks led forward and stowed on the mast. Thoughts or experiences?
  5. Thanks overboard, and thanks for noting the details in the original post, ie laser scanned hull etc. Many of the comments are missing the challenge, some are helpful. As also mentioned in the post, this asymmetry ha been noticed by numerous (at least 5) hotshot skippers who have come on board, which rules out my own asymmetry as the culprit! Also, the asymmetry is noticed in a variety of locales with very different current conditions. It’s not obvious what is going on. i think remeasuring the mast and rig position is worth doing, as is sailing both without any jib and with a jib from an
  6. I’m looking for thoughts and suggestions that might explain a pronounced port/starboard performance difference in my boat. In medium/heavy air the performance seems fairly symmetric, no obvious bias on one side or the other. In very light winds, though, the boat seems to go faster on starboard tack than port. a few notes: 1. The boat hull and appendages were laser scanned a year or so ago in order to get an ORC rating (that’s another story). From analyzing the 3-d data it is hard to find any discrepancy in the hull / keel shape from either side. Certainly if there is any it’s
  7. I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions for improving the actuator arrangement for an above deck tiller pilot. currently I’m using Raymarine’s. ingest tiller pilot, which connects when needed from the top of a cockpit seat to the top of the tiller, about 18” from the rudder post. this arrangement makes the cockpit locker inaccessible when underway, and makes it hard to repeatedly connect and disconnect the autopilot, I’m looking for something that can be permanently connected and then easily engaged/disengaged when needed. The boat is built so that it really isn’t practical
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