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  1. I would enjoy sitting somewhere with a view and take notes for you anytime you want. Of course, the dyslexic thing comes into play but my crew always interpreted for me. Let me know if you need a hand.
  2. I had a friends Lab who went and grabbed the burning log out of the fire and proceeded to play keep away while running around starting the woods on fire. Six of us stomping out the embers as the dog continued to run around thinking what a fun time this was.
  3. Thanks for reminding me to submit mine. Yearly fees, biannual course refresher of 25 hours classes.
  4. I believe this is Lucerne Swiss.
  5. How about them Lion? How about Stafford? MVP so far this year.
  6. Yeah, but I'll take the 53 Cab 356 in door #4 please
  7. They might want to think about moving if the next hurricane takes aim as a class 5
  8. Thank god for a rear exit too.
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