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  1. dyslexic dog


    Just got done playing hockey. We were sitting in the parking lot drinking a beer when the guy next to me asks "what do you call a good looking woman on the arm of the goalie?..... A tattoo"
  2. Hobs, the last thing you need to do is apologize for any of you work here. Truthfully, the body of work is OK without the body of work sometimes.
  3. Try the bird recordings of Hawks and raptors played every so often. Seems to work on a job site we were on.
  4. Life is starting to feel normal again. Boat is back in the water and hobs is back with us. Thanks.
  5. Zonk, I understand, but my dad built one that attached to the rear of a 59 Chevy station wagon to go from Michigan to the Worlds Fair in Seattle in 63. ?? Army duck canvas. Hot as hell. 1/2" EMT conduit for the frame. I got to sleep in the front seat at the age of 6ish. Ah memories of car camping.
  6. What’s the saying I say all the time? “One of these days I’m going to label these fucking draws”
  7. I remember a Chi Mac race with my 4 knot SB being off Racine working the left side shoreline when Helmut passed us. He looked over at us and said " keep it going, you guys are doing well" . Made me feel good to have someone like his program recognize a competitor like me.
  8. Same shoes here. I bought an electric cooler. Runs off 110v or 12vdc. charges up the plates and you don't have water floating around in the bottom of the chest. I still use my tent and pad outside for sleeping though. Oh, and a 5 gal porta potty or the likes works well too.
  9. You know I even looked it up before I posted it because I thought it was Cher too... but my reading comprehension with the added dyslexic twist made me think it was Olymipia.
  10. Over the years, I have witnessed this forum losing various members to #*&#$*&. Some I had met personally and others I knew through 2nd person. IB was one of those people that you knew you would like to sit with and discuss the world as you knew it. Life is over too quickly and I'm getting old. I hope anyone who knew him will take solace in knowing he was one of the good ones.
  11. That got me going down a hobot like rabbit hole. Dr Demento, do bugs, not drugs. It took me awhile to get google search to get there. I can’t wait to see what my browser history has in store for me more.www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-xpm-1991-01-28-9113000948-story,amp.html
  12. Sad to hear but a life well lived from the sounds of it.
  13. Having lived in the "furniture capital of the US" all my life, I was blessed with having Steelcase and Herman Miller products available knowing someone who worked there. (everyone seemed to work there). The amount of office furniture and desks available after the latest upgrade in on office complex allowed me to get very good desks and chairs cheap. We use to have races down the hill in front of my shop of office chairs. Hell on the wheels though.
  14. dyslexic dog


    I've heard it with four different names. but ya get the point eh?
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