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  1. Lots of the demarkation in the north was to unload before they went into the US. That and the sugarcane.
  2. OOOhhhh, I could see a lot of clean up in Aisle 5 by LR.
  3. Shaggy an avs fan. The horror. Here I had good thoughts about him even though his spelling sucks
  4. Speaking of goalies, wings sure got the good side of their trade. N is killing it.
  5. Thanks, I got EV on my list and I bought the car through Samba. It will be able to go back to original without too much effort.
  6. I need to fit them in various places. 3.2v 200ah cells. I need help in dimensions and cost. pic of what I bought.
  7. Thread drift ala the electric plane. I'm in the midst of working out the plan for an electric 74 Ghia that I snatched from under Snaggy's nose. The reason for asking about this here is because a lot of you understand physics. I am in need of an education on Lifepo-4 batteries. Things like CV CC chargers? Where to get a good product? I'm a retired Master Electrician but mostly in the AC realm. I would have started a new thread but I felt this was a better place to drift. Thanks and no, I won't show tits. I been here too long.
  8. My method is to never go to PA. I cherish the honesty of this section of SA. The noise is lower and it is easier to sift through the posts.
  9. Pervasive Argument. They got off being fined as exotic dancers for showing too much and the Judge agreed that it didn't show "enough"
  10. I sorry, that's brilliant.
  11. Dude, You have gotten PM's telling you to grow up. Go read a book, do something else. I suggest 1984 which I think would be history to you given your ability to comprehend. I'm turning up the squelch on you now. IGNORE.
  12. I wonder how much a window seat will cost to upgrade to?
  13. I put him on ignore and my life is better for it.
  14. Tomorrow’s forecast of the witch. That shows 40+ knots for over 6 hours predicted.
  15. "I'm not an asshole, I'm a hemorrhoid. I irate assholes"

  16. called my buddy to thank him like I've done for 35 years. four tours as a jar head in nam.
  17. Ditto for the Gentleman in Moscow
  18. Read a lot of history. But I like Hiaason and some of the Swedish detective stories. Tim Dorsey. …………. Lots of places I go. Just thought I would share a good one and ask for the same
  19. Tuvalu is sinking,” Finance Minister Seve Paeniu proclaims. Does the king of Tuvalu know? Maybe there is too many things on the desk?
  20. Needing some ideas for books to read. Just finishing "When the Irish invaded Canada" by Christopher Klein. A history lesson I did not know about. Probably the reason Canada's territories were united into one. Fascinating snippets. Also, "Undaunted Courage" by Ambrose on the Lewis and Clark expedition.
  21. Yep on the 18th with fellow sailors. Where should I stay? Thinking the Hilton?
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