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  1. Was reading “how democracy’s die “ and left it by mistake on the plane when I only had two chapters to go. Now what? Buy it again?
  2. Must avoids the left lane on I-75. The right lane is the fast lane. Siesta key for the white sand and quirky bars. One hour south of Tampa. Just follow the strip malls wherever you go.
  3. "United broke my Guitar." I can imagine the clicks they are generating here should get noticed.
  4. I’m confused. Is this about Michigan or Wisconsin?
  5. This is what I started with.
  6. Germans? Forget it, he's on a roll
  7. Saw this today in the IC off of siesta key
  8. Lots of things I have forgotten. I do remember hitching rides in the winter by grabbing onto bumpers and having a car pull you for blocks up the street.
  9. I gotta do a thread drift and say I just watched dead pool and dead pool 2. I really liked the movies. Good humor.
  10. Tim Dorsey tends to have interesting items about old Florida sprinkled through his books too
  11. Thinking those are Hurricaines
  12. Abe Vigota. Oh wait, that won't work. Betty White Jimmy Carter Donald Trump
  13. do I get my money back now after 22 years?
  14. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hügelkultur
  15. My wife the smart one, master gardener says put plastic down under it with stone and then resoil. How tall is the raised bed? She fills hers with old logs and mulch and then soil. Keeps it moist.
  16. Lots of the demarkation in the north was to unload before they went into the US. That and the sugarcane.
  17. OOOhhhh, I could see a lot of clean up in Aisle 5 by LR.
  18. Thanks, I got EV on my list and I bought the car through Samba. It will be able to go back to original without too much effort.
  19. I need to fit them in various places. 3.2v 200ah cells. I need help in dimensions and cost. pic of what I bought.
  20. Thread drift ala the electric plane. I'm in the midst of working out the plan for an electric 74 Ghia that I snatched from under Snaggy's nose. The reason for asking about this here is because a lot of you understand physics. I am in need of an education on Lifepo-4 batteries. Things like CV CC chargers? Where to get a good product? I'm a retired Master Electrician but mostly in the AC realm. I would have started a new thread but I felt this was a better place to drift. Thanks and no, I won't show tits. I been here too long.
  21. My method is to never go to PA. I cherish the honesty of this section of SA. The noise is lower and it is easier to sift through the posts.
  22. Pervasive Argument. They got off being fined as exotic dancers for showing too much and the Judge agreed that it didn't show "enough"
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