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  1. http://www.truelook.com/clients/midwestbuilt-webcam/ They are moving the stern section bar to the second floor. Should be done by Spring.
  2. MBYC clubhouse is coming down today. Always wanted to run the "CLAW" and do that.
  3. Careful. People will starting referring you to Father Perry or some such... Better than Admiral Perry
  4. I agree Bob. Having the correct purchase is always handy.
  5. Well...If you call your money "loonies", what would you expect other than lunacy? By the way, why don't you guys call the $2 coin a "doubloon"?
  6. +1. Or any kind of water for that matter. People sail in other than salt water???? I sail unsalted water. Lots of it and I agree fuel spills suck. Then they squirt dishsoap at it and it falls to the bottom.
  7. You, you English bed wetting types, I fart in your general direction.
  8. Um, Shorty, did you piss someone off?
  9. E, if you get stuck, call me. I can fit 6 plus a driver if needs be. I wasnt planning on going up there but WTH, I might as well spend some time with all you sailors if I am not going to do the race.
  10. No. We like racing on real courses set by a real PRO up in Musketucky. We aren't pretty enough to hang out at MBYC. Dont throw MBYC RC in with Bayshore's RC. Apples and Oranges
  11. That made me chuckle. Having been introduced to SA by this thread, I have to say I like the 'directness' here. I've had a couple of posts moderated over on CF, and they wouldn't have even registered on the SA radar. I wish HRs son had posted here, then I could have told him what I really thought rather than the crap I was limited to on on CF, which had to use long words he didn't even understand. So, hi people. One CF/SA dual citizen here. Oh, and latest post from HRs son on CF: "Well that has to be taken up with the the inspectors who have been out many times. Do you realy
  12. Kim, I taught my daughter how to install the toilet paper on the holder, Let me know if you want me to help you install one. Thats about as far as I would dare go doing anything on that boat and not messing it up. Now, which way does the paper go on the holder?
  13. Romex, or NM rating is not moisture proof. If it had a UF rating, then it would suffice. NM has a paper center.
  14. Come on! Read the whole thing! I did, and it only took 92 hours. (remember, you didn't really read the whole thing unless you got sucked into every tangent story along the way) It reminds me of the Appalachian Trail through hikers who simply cannot bear the thought of missing a single blaze for fear of not being able to claim that they really hiked the whole trail. I'm not really proud of this, but I did send one all the way back down a mountian once because I merely suggested that his route up had bypassed a 1/4 mile of the AT. snort! That's funny. Ever read "A Walk In the Woo
  15. Shorty, there is beer on TF but I have to go to a funeral tonight and I will not be there. Feel free to grab one (or two). Maybe see you this weekend eh? Yah, I'll be there this weekend tuning the rig. Also forgot to put the VHF antenna on, so looks like a trip to the top of the rig is on order. I'll have two 16 year old girls that weigh 100 lbs each that we could send up if you want.
  16. Shorty, there is beer on TF but I have to go to a funeral tonight and I will not be there. Feel free to grab one (or two). Maybe see you this weekend eh?
  17. I was at zero for quite a while. What does that make me? I swore at Bob Perry and called him names and I still had zero warning points.
  18. Jim Lee has been making composite cabin sole and ice box steps with a teak/holly veneer laminated for his Left Coast Dart. Looks atractive and light. Dart Interior.jpg Do you have a link to that product?
  19. Eric, let me know what you find out. I always used Blacks also but I think that they are no longer doing that. I need my MOM recert also.
  20. I know this topic is somewhat hijacked. Bob and company, we have a great local radio station that still spins vinyl and such. If you don't like it, wait a minute. Here is a link to the web cast. http://www.grcmc.org...io/playlist.php
  21. We always called Baccant "sailing furniture" or the "mahogany cigar"
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