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  1. WB Right of Center? Thats like saying you're a little bit pregnant.
  2. All internal in the tube. What, you don't like throwing your are out of joint reaching for third?
  3. It would be interesting to know what he is working on in the middle of the floor pan. Maybe the brake linkage and line forward.
  4. The bottom of the Rhine ended up with a mixture or culture. Spain, Norway, England, Denmark, Germany etc. all filtered into the region. Yes, I like the Apple pies and the peppermints and the licorice and ........ I recommend "Amsterdam" by Russel Shorto to anyone who enjoys history.
  5. Thanks for the stories. Being of Dutch heritage I have known similar people. We all need to go to a "Telling Room" and listen to the stories of are elders. We have lost the greatest generation and I fear we need to go through @#%W)ER(*#@# to learn something again.
  6. I would enjoy sitting somewhere with a view and take notes for you anytime you want. Of course, the dyslexic thing comes into play but my crew always interpreted for me. Let me know if you need a hand.
  7. I had a friends Lab who went and grabbed the burning log out of the fire and proceeded to play keep away while running around starting the woods on fire. Six of us stomping out the embers as the dog continued to run around thinking what a fun time this was.
  8. Thanks for reminding me to submit mine. Yearly fees, biannual course refresher of 25 hours classes.
  9. I believe this is Lucerne Swiss.
  10. How about them Lion? How about Stafford? MVP so far this year.
  11. Yeah, but I'll take the 53 Cab 356 in door #4 please
  12. They might want to think about moving if the next hurricane takes aim as a class 5
  13. He reminds me of Herb Tarlik? WKRP except Herb was a nice guy at heart. Stupid though......
  14. 75 people a day are dying from Covid in Michigan. The next largest cause of death is heart related at 55 per day average. Cancer is below that. Cars, guns, and most other things are way below that. I hope this helps in understanding why lots of intelligent people are concerned. Please do your part to help out. Get fucking vaccinated.
  15. I haven't checked her math but the gist of it is true.
  16. Well if the Bear’s lose, Detroit will be in first place. Albeit tied with the other four at 0-1
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