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  1. I use to go into the mountains north of Yellowstone and never carried bear spray. Now I won't go without it. Detroit and just about any big city have their own set of rules. It is vastly improved in the core area which 25 years ago, I would not have walked it at night. The burbs have improved but it is real spotty and again, I wouldn't walk them at night.
  2. Well I kinda like the deep tub outside. But ......
  3. linky? you have lost my ability to follow a lot of these.
  4. Silent Bob, you can't fix stupid. And I'm talking about you. It's all them others right? Keep everyone poor and don't educate them cause they are taking what's little left for me away.
  5. How about them Lions? I get to say that every year before the start of the season
  6. Stay away from Oxytocin's. That shit changes your personality in bad ways. Just had two screws removed after 17 years. They prescribed 42 of them and I didn't use a one this time. I hate that shit.
  7. I always kept my keel retracted at the dock and flossed the bottom instead of sending a diver down. Keeps the centerboard cleaner too.
  8. Porto. Stayed in a nice place to the upper right of the pic
  9. Would you just shut up! Camping on big sable point on Lake Michigan at night and they won’t let you go to sleep.
  10. When I get one of these, I try to sell them AMWAY products.
  11. So if shoes and shirt are required to go into a store they are being Nazis? No one is forcing you to get a shot. It's simply if you do not get one, then you can't do other things. Stay home, don't go out in public. Gawd, I get pissed at the ignorance.
  12. Wtf are you trying to say? I don’t see your analogy. How old are you? 15? Do you have any idea what life under German rule in 1937-1945 was like? Asking society to get a vaccine to keep people from spreading death to others has nothing to do with a fascist state. Read and study history. Sorry for the rant.
  13. Tro, not sure what you are trying to say. Comparing nazi to getting your shots? Please explain how that is anyway comparable. This should be good.
  14. Or a 356. Yeah that's not going to happen either.
  15. I finally solved mine after 27 years. Don't give up. And don't put ice in the refrigerator or shower in the head.
  16. I gotta add. My dad taught English and History. My dyslexia added to our relationship. I had to get a dictionary out and make sure that I spelled the words correctly. Problem was, I still spelled them incorrectly. Wish I could talk to him now. He died when I was 26. BTW, he wrote a letter every day from 1941 to 46 to my mom. My brother still has the letters.
  17. "Dear Abby dear Abby well I never thought that me and my girlfriend would ever get caught. We were sitting in the back seat just shooting the breeze with her hair up in curlers and her pants to her knees. Signed, Just Married"
  18. I’m missing the ability to read somewhat unbiased factual reports of things of interest. It occurs to me that today’s world is so screwed by the internet and How facts are reported. btw, my parents supported their income by selling world book. I have a whole head filled with stuff. Snaggy can interpret what I’m trying to say
  19. Yup, how selfish are you? And there appears to be a lot of them. “It’s my God given rights”
  20. Without researching it, I would guess it was used to run liquor across Lk St Clair during probation. How did I do?
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