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  1. What I was told, long time ago when the great schooner Nina was home ported to land-locked Mendham, NJ, was that the home port is the owner's home. Which makes a little sense since that's the place name on the registration. Possibly different for documented vessels.
  2. Styling norms have been based on offshore cruisers and racing boats designed with the notion that the off-watch would be sleeping below. This calls for a dark interior, and therefore small ports. Rhodes was designing boats for people who wanted to be able to look out the windows. The designers of the modern "deck saloon" boats are timid compared to Rhodes.
  3. And then there is the fun of doing it under sail with a dipping lug rig.
  4. As it happens, the control panel for my engine does have lights (and I presume noises) for various things, including charge. I have had occasion to hear the water temp (i.e. over-hearing) noise. The oil pressure sounds every time you stop the engine before turning off the key. I'll have to look at the manual to see if the "charge" is for under charging or over charging, or either.
  5. I'm trying to think what would alert me to a similar crisis on my own boat, and ........maybe nothing?
  6. In this case, as with many cases in my own experience, a wife may have the perspective to say "if you are going to do it at all, put enough dollars and energy into it to do it right and make it work."
  7. The camping folks have just of possibilities. https://www.rei.com/c/lanterns?ir=category%3Acamp-lighting&r=category%3Acamp-lighting|lanterns
  8. I see. In that case, maybe it's a Nimble 30.
  9. There is something about that which (spoiler alert!) reminds me of the Statue of Liberty scene at the end of Planet Of The Apes. Though it's not the same at all.
  10. If you have a ring on the mast for a whisker pole, set it at a height where the jib sheets don't get caught on it.
  11. This boat has been docked at my club for 3 or 4 years. I've never seen it out sailing, and I don't know the owner. But I thought you might like seeing the pictures. The very wide deck line at the bow and the resulting broad v-shape to the forward sections is very similar to the Allied Seawind and typical of Gillmer. It's pretty much the opposite of the bow style that made C&C famous, meant for dealing with "Great Lakes square waves" as they were called in discussions back in the day. I knew a guy whose familiy had a Seawind here on WLIS. He said it didn't get much use because it
  12. There was a period of time where just about every sailboat in the mid-20 foot range had a pop-up cabin of some sort. Some lifted straight, some had a hinged, parallelogram type system where the top lifted up and forward. Some had arrangements for canvas or screens. As the fiberglass boat industry matured, the solution turned out to be .... bigger boats. An alternate, mostly with wooden boats, was to have just a canvas top. Some of the Controversy boats were like that. I think all the boats like that eventually had a wooden structure replacing the canvas.
  13. The boats from Sage Marine, which were advertised at the top of this forum for a while, look like pretty good examples of their type. A lot depends on your greed for speed, and whether you are willing to deal with the weight of a heavy keel in order to get large sail area.
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