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  1. Comrade Bernie in charge of the budget process. AOC and company demanding more and more social spending, or else. Biden lost in space. Harris MIA. Prices spiraling. Energy costs spiking with natural gas to heat homes expected to be 30% higher over last year. Grocery market shelves bare. Flying illegal immigrants around the country under the cover of darkness. Chief of Staff says we all need to stop whining about shortages. And the Transportation Secretary and Press Secretary both think these are signs of success. How much more can we take of this failed administratio
  2. How little you understand about libertarianism. But I wouldn't expect authoritarian waterbois to understand.
  3. Any other dates in The Hudson Valley area Dacapon?
  4. Horseshit. Which is what you excel at. Complete and utter horseshit.
  5. Oh fak, not another freakin taco thread...... why can't we just have the old one back???
  6. And yet no one picked up on Snaggie being in Cape May??? This thread has great potential. Could be bigger than Mighetto's classic prose.
  7. Fine by me. I am not the one who dredged all this up. That would be the usual suspect.
  8. The operative word in the first line of that chart is "may". Which is fine since we still do not really know long term efficacy of either. As I stated above the UK says they protect about the same while other studies suggest natural immunity is 10-12 times more effective than vaccine.
  9. Yes minorities are catching up, which is a good thing mind you. But 6 months ago it was a huge problem. Not sure what math you wish done on HS grads and PhD's resisting getting the vaccine. You seem to wish to pit them against one another when they are behaving in similar fashion.
  10. No it is not. And your are conflating initial vaccination with booster shots. Even the head of the CDC came out and endorsed booster shot beyond which the CDC Panel charged with making recommendations felt appropriate. "The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention overruled an advisory panel Friday by approving the distribution of Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 booster shots to a wide array of workers across the U.S.CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky signed off on a series of recommendations from the panel, including distributing the shots to older Americans and adult
  11. Why would I admit to being a republican when I am a libertarian? Brookings article simply cites the KFF article, no? And "you, you, you" (three U's in shut the fuk up as an old friend likes to say)., the KFF and Brookings articles were already offered by Sean and Raz'in had already posted it. More echo.... It is not a stretch to see/understand that republicans, when polled, understate and democrats when polled overstate. Sort of pretty well documented.
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