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  1. So a quick look at Health Info Base Canada states that less than 1,000,000 Canadians have been fully vaccinated...... or about 2.5% of population fully vaccinated. Are you sure you want to hold up Canada as the model of what the US should be doing??
  2. Interestingly, NYC is where vaccinations have slowed dramatically. Apparently very blue NYC is of no interest to AJ Wingnut.
  3. Oh boy. Still seeing red over a Trump Presidency. Folks are still seeking and receiving vaccines and to date 148,600,000 have gotten at least one shot (acknowledging some received the J&J) and 107,500,000 have been fully vaccinated. Also you have 32,300,000 have had SARS-CoV-2. The CDC does not readily state of the 32.3 million that have had coronavirus have also been vaccinated..... and it is thought that a great many more had covid and did not know it or get tested to confirm infection. So in all likelihood around 130 to 140 million people have antibodies as a low estimate. So to
  4. I don't think you understand enlightenment.
  5. Well this thread went to crap........... And it wasn't the winged keel, it was a failure of Whidden and Conners to cover.
  6. Well while it would not be insufficient funds, likely only debt service sans principle.
  7. I keep reading both post and "fixte" post and I cannot find a difference!
  8. Or, if I may, the OP is trying to change the subject from the issue at hand.... poor race management and making it about club politics and the Commodore's frustrations boiling over. As for failure of message delivery. Again I will say, we have no idea the context. Has the issue with long term lax RC been ongoing resulting it numerous complaints? Has the flag tried repeatedly to address these issue but there are still a few who just don't give a toss to do it according to Hoyle and the flag officers have had enough of the whinny moanie crap? Being that it is early in the sailing seaso
  9. And circling back yet again, what I said was I would not be terribly surprised if the ratio of those who got their knickers in a knot would be around 6:1. Krist man, this isn't about YOU...... or is it? So are you the type who instead of understanding the commodore has gotten to wits end and take steps to help fix the situation, or, as your posts imply, you would just cross your arms and scowl? It's a damn yacht club. Races are being run so poorly the commodore is sick of listening to it. And peop;le who stand around saying, "Well I sort of agree with him but he can't talk to ME like tha
  10. Same, and my Dad sailed because my Grandad sailed. I started sailing when I was 2..... which is right around the time my Mother said, "I have watched him all week long, it is your turn to watch him on the weekends!" Someplace in the basement there are 35 mm slides of the first time I took the helm. Pre-kindergarten, on a friend of the family's 6 meter. I have been known to say in response to people stating that I must really love sailing, "I don't know if I like it or not, it just is part of my upbringing." Friends have pointed out the the uglier, snottier the conditions, the bigger grin
  11. How little you know me..... What is missing here is context from the OP. We have no idea the events that lead up to this missive beyond the small glimpse framed by the OP. And I didn't say the Commodore was justified. If you go back to my original post, I made that pretty clear. I can understand though, that person's frustrations. As for the talent pool in any club regarding leadership. It is not very common in clubs to have corporate CEOs stepping up to the plate. As my Dad used to say, "Yacht clubs are run by dentists". What he meant by that was that often times folks who aspire
  12. ^^^This^^^ I'd bet for every one person who got their smalls in a bunch, there were a half dozen nodding in agreement.
  13. That's a thing? Is that like code for "Guy LeFleur is God!"
  14. Well see I think that Scarsdale High School education, "on 14 acres of land" as you put it, did not serve you quite as well as you think it dide. Someday, maybe, I will tell you all a great story known as "The Ruse". It would serve to shed light and understanding why a considerable number of people on this website would disagree with you on who I may, or may not be. I can tell you the person I posted that for...... he might not be so certain you are 100% correct.
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