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  1. Joey speaks with Big Medicine...
  2. sidmon

    How to remedy corroded mast base?

    At 60,000 lbs compression load, its not an issue. A common remedy on old Pearsons.
  3. sidmon

    Sirius XM WM-4 Weather Receiver

    Bottom line: Radar imagery (to be specific, the NEXRAD reflectivity radar mosaic piped to you by SIRIUS XM) is -NOT- a viable predictor of "advance warning" of thunderstorms! All it can convey is the strength of the return echoes as recorded and collated at the time the mosaic was created whatever time that happened prior to it getting to you... Now that is quite useful and valuable information once storms have in the imagery off the Fl panhandle above...but there is no information whatsoever in that picture which can give any sense of storm "Initiation, Growth, and Decay" there. It is simply "Here and Now" weather and cannot be reliably stretched beyond that. Will those storms raging right now weaken? When? And this is the biggest threat when one tries to read into the image more than what it can tell you...Will new storms develop? When? Where? Will they be stronger or weaker if they do? Like the unfortunate souls in the Aero World referenced in the links above, trying to infer the future based on reflectivity imagery has gotten many into trouble in the Nautical World as well. Rely on radar imagery to show you where the next storm will be guarantees they will, "Come Out Of Nowhere!!!!" I will submit that the 2015 Dauphin Island Race was a case (one of many not readily recognized) of sailors falling in to this trap: Documents/5p/CG-5PC/INV/docs/Dauphin Island Race.pdf There have been significant efforts over the years to get predictive information about thunderstorm "Initiation Growth and Decay". While focused primarily at aviation interests...because as the NOAA/NWS peeps are wont to say when it comes to funding.-thats the most immediate world in which "Money, Lives, Property" are...there is a huge safety benefit for us sailors as well. But even after decades of research and development, it still ain't that easy. And that's why the straight up garbage spouted in the SIRIUS XM's vids gets me triggered. Anyway, one sample of what I am talking about: And one developmental tool (that MUST still not be seen as Gospel as its in research!!!!)
  4. sidmon

    Sirius XM WM-4 Weather Receiver

    Like this:
  5. sidmon

    Sirius XM WM-4 Weather Receiver

    Bought the WM-4 to interface with a Zeus3 7 this past summer...(STILL waiting on my rebate!!!!!) Opening up the app in the Zeus does seem to make it a bit more "laggy". There was a software update that I didnt load until the boat was put away which may help, especially with refreshing the radar presentation. Overall, it works as advertised. My bigger beef is how Sirius XM doesn't put much effort into upgrading their repackaging of the wx products. For instance, the cartoon lightning icons are annoying as hell. They just cover up the radar display needlessly. Why not allow a user to just select a small "+" symbol???? And there is some straight up dangerous misinformation about what the provided radar data can ... and cannot ... tell you about storm prediction and avoidance in their how to vids. I won't even link them its so bad. You would think that given their offerings in aviation application side of things, that they would be aware of how WRONG they are. Some earlier links over at hulltruth about the WM-4 worth reading here worth browsing through:
  6. sidmon

    How to remedy corroded mast base?

    Run a ground wire...
  7. sidmon

    How to remedy corroded mast base?

    Cut it to where the good metal starts, and fabricate a G10 fiberglass pedestal of the appropriate height...
  8. Vendee was a great race to watch this year! But, meanwhile, plenty of unsung "little guys" get out and do some pretty serious solo stuff too. Like this gent:
  9. sidmon

    Maritime Art Anarchy

    One of the hallways of The Art Institute of Chicago is lined with scores of Dutch prints. They are only slightly bigger than a greeting card, so you have to get close to see the fascinating amount of contemporaneous details of day to to day life in them. Many depict nautical scenes. Ran across this gem which was one of four entitled, "The Four Elements". Check out the interesting vignette under the boat to the right:
  10. sidmon

    j105 single handed

    J105's have become the most numerous boat type in the Chicago Solo Macs... (I call them the J105 Mafia ...)
  11. sidmon

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Good on her! Translatable lesson to heed across the spectrum of solo sailing...
  12. sidmon

    Winter is icumin in

    Yep. It sure is...
  13. sidmon

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Or, as Webb Chiles characterizes it: "The Monastery of the Sea" Segues into a little homage to Vito Dumas as well... Before he set sail, in 1942, he said: “In this materialistic era, I’m assuming a romantic challenge, to set an example to young people”. It was a bad time to sail (without an engine) and with no other company than your dreams and your nightmares. While the world was shaken by war and destruction, the lone navigator fulfilled his dream of courage and adventure. Vito’s feast proved that while a breath of terror swept the world, not all was lost. There were still dreamers, romantics and visionaries.
  14. sidmon

    Maritime Art Anarchy

    Think this qualifies as "Maritime Art" Cara Mia...