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  1. It was.. One boat was far enough north to get up by the Manitous and thus escaped much of the fetch as the gales whipped the lake. Doubt conditions were pleasant by any stretch though. Another boat further south by the Sables has been hove to and forereacing since yesterday, but has finally started moving north again. [edit] Reject, the 1D48 was up in the Straits before things turned wild for everyone else. Things were little better for the Port Huron Mac racers as well. Three boats finished with the rest seeking refuge in Rogers City and Presque Isle. Octo
  2. Lol! Certainly memories can be hazy while making that trek! Speaking of which, hope to be there in 3 weeks on the Solo Mac... This year's participant count is one of the highest since the inception of the race in '96! https://yachtscoring.com/event_scratch_sheet.cfm?eID=14408 And a number of folks are turning back around to do the "Big" Mac just a few weeks later... Nemo (in the Doublehanded Div.) Gangbusters - with Joey Baker who is doing the Port Huron Solo Mac aboard Tide The Knot Global Nomads Dirk Kreuger of Sea Raider aboard Madcap Can't
  3. That particular 'cottage' is a private residence...
  4. House next to the Mackinac Island Yacht Club (blue grey building to the right) -across the street from the marina- burned:
  5. Deka is the OEM for WM branded deep cycle batteries...
  6. A bit dry, but Sunfast 3300 owners discussing in this North Sails vid...
  7. And another vital read (which BTW underpins 'Modern Weather Approaches'...) https://www.vos.noaa.gov/MWL/dec_08/milibar_chart.shtml
  8. Why the 500 mb chart is -still- essental: https://www.weather.gov/jetstream/500mb http://www.theweatherprediction.com/charts/500/basics/ http://oceanweatherservices.com/featured_blog_posts/the_use_of_the_500_mb_chart_at_sea https://www.oceannavigator.com/basics-of-the-500-millibar-chart/
  9. A great resource for weather learning is here: https://academy.islersailing.com/p/marineweatheru Marine Weather University is designed to help you further your knowledge of weather - tailored to a marine focus. (not in any way affiliated)
  10. Your original premise-that he eschewed vane steering for artistic reasons- was clearly incorrect. At least you have now (mostly) corrected it. If you are going the damn the guy with faint praise, at least quote him directly. For others who might enjoy what the guy writes: https://www.inthepresentsea.com/the_actual_site/webbchiles.html
  11. You fail to mention that the brief interview I linked in the response to your pm was followed with the advice to dig into his journal for the much fuller discussion Webb provided. His journal is always a great read anyway.
  12. As mentioned in his summary above, cost was the big factor. However, as also mentioned, weight was a concern. Also, in the context of all his posts, deploying and stowing the torqued was a very big concern as well. Best to see what the man actually said than someone else's interpretation.
  13. Webb's words in full: Install self-steering vane? No. Beyond the expense--and the quote from the boat yard was more than half what I paid for GANNET--I don’t want to endure another project where for two or more weeks GANNET is torn apart and my life dominated by workmen. I don’t want the weight on the stern or the drag of the servo-rudder through the water. Rowing GANNET has proven possible, but more difficult than I hoped. I actually like the Torqeedo and want to continue using it. I have always thought that
  14. Well... Read his journal to see what he had to say.
  15. Browse back through his journal to the period when he was deciding to embark on the circumnavigation with the Moore 24, and you will find where he discussed self steering options at length. He decided a vane system wouldn't work for that boat.
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