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  1. Funny how these puppies don't get mentioned... https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/military/story/2020-01-20/two-more-navy-aircraft-carriers-to-bring-economic-boost-of-almost-2-billion-to-san-diego-in-2020?_amp=true
  2. So, curious about the details... When was this? Was the imagery of the storm missing entirely?
  3. Where else do you get (near) real time radar imagery more than 10nm offshore... Not that it matters much when you hardly ever leave a bay though.
  4. Just expecting them to deliver what they promise. And that is one really dumbass riposte, as the weather component is entirely separate from their music offerings. Here is what that weather did as it was coming east... https://www.weather.gov/lot/2021jun2021
  5. The ability to toggle on and off is still there, but it's 'laggy' when you turn them on again.
  6. Was out and about on Lake Michigan last week(until nearly all of us got chased off by a November style gale...), and was keenly interested in thunderstorms building to the west. SPC (Storm Prediction Center) had issued Severe Thunderstorm Watches for the building systems, and so was glad to be able to access the info they would impart. Below is what SIRIUSXM piped out: I have fussed previously about the cartoonish lightning icons they use. A simple cross would work just fine, and wouldn't cover up the view of the radar reflectivity imagery. Its annoying, because even at the very low
  7. And, of course, The Mother Of All Shock Tests (my father was there for one of them...)
  8. Nothing new about any of this...
  9. It was.. One boat was far enough north to get up by the Manitous and thus escaped much of the fetch as the gales whipped the lake. Doubt conditions were pleasant by any stretch though. Another boat further south by the Sables has been hove to and forereacing since yesterday, but has finally started moving north again. [edit] Reject, the 1D48 was up in the Straits before things turned wild for everyone else. Things were little better for the Port Huron Mac racers as well. Three boats finished with the rest seeking refuge in Rogers City and Presque Isle. Octo
  10. Lol! Certainly memories can be hazy while making that trek! Speaking of which, hope to be there in 3 weeks on the Solo Mac... This year's participant count is one of the highest since the inception of the race in '96! https://yachtscoring.com/event_scratch_sheet.cfm?eID=14408 And a number of folks are turning back around to do the "Big" Mac just a few weeks later... Nemo (in the Doublehanded Div.) Gangbusters - with Joey Baker who is doing the Port Huron Solo Mac aboard Tide The Knot Global Nomads Dirk Kreuger of Sea Raider aboard Madcap Can't
  11. That particular 'cottage' is a private residence...
  12. House next to the Mackinac Island Yacht Club (blue grey building to the right) -across the street from the marina- burned:
  13. Deka is the OEM for WM branded deep cycle batteries...
  14. A bit dry, but Sunfast 3300 owners discussing in this North Sails vid...
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