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  1. Seeing we talked about Boreals a lot on this thread I want to let everyone know that Boreal won Cruising World Boat of the year. I'm no expert on this stuff of who wins boat of the year. But always we hear that American sailing mags go with those who spend lots of money on advertising in thier magazine. Boreal spends no money on advertising anywhere, none in Europe, none in the USA. They have in the past given some money to Attainabe Adventure Cruising to help support the site but that is it from what I know. Congrats to Jean Francois Delvoye, the designer and owner of Boreal and Je
  2. Tanton, lookig forward to reading your blog, it looks great. Maybe you have some photos of the rudder. Would love to see how they solved the problems of a single rudder on a 15 foot beam. Steering would be hard I would think unless the rudder is very deep. Thanks Steve
  3. Ishmael is correct, I'm away from sailing for 6 months and I can't even call a lifeline by it's correct name. Vinyl coated life lines are a danger to all those who sail. And flat jacklines should be the norm. Panormix, We never met a pig headed local from Brittany. We even flew the Brittany flag with our American flag. Always a conversation piece where ever we sailed. I do have one great story about a pissed off Frenchman though. I was sitting in the cockpit one morning while at anchor in English Harbor. This French couple come motoring by in an inflatable, then circle the boat a
  4. Hi Panoramix, Hope you don't think I'm insulting the French by saying "too French." As you can imagine we spent a lot of time in Brittany and the locals were the most gracious folks we have ever met both sailors and land lovers a like. By too French I mean lots of little things we in N. America are not used too on a cruising boat. Things like no dorades, fewer hand hold below, simpler electical systems, smaller winches, foils instead of arches on stern and plastic coating on safety lines. Before the boat show in Annapolis started I mentioned the plastic on safety lines and that they were
  5. No not at all I love looking at all well founded boats. It's not that I found a lot of valuable info on the boats I investigated before signing on with Boreal. It was a question of what we wanted to do with the boat. So before we decided on what design we made a list first of where we would sail. Then a list of what would be needed for a boat to get the job done in those destinations. Our goal was to sail deeply into the Carolines Islands and then do some of the jungle rivers of PNG and Borneo. For those 3 destinations we needed a strong aluminum boat with at least 10 mm of hull th
  6. Now you have me hooked in. I don't think of sailing much any more but when I do think about it I really do miss it. Lucky for us we have lots of friends with Boreals all over the world who have invited us to sail with them any time of year. All of the alumium boats mentioned in this thread are great boats all very strong and seaworthy ocean going boats. I'd cross oceans in any of them, bluewater boats all. But in my opinion they are all not expedition boats. The designers of true expedition boats have spent much time in expedition situations and have spent long hours and days thinkin
  7. Papaji, I'm the previous owner of the Boreal 44, RC Louise. Sorry I do not stop ln on sailing sites much anymore been spending old age farming and fly fishing for steelhead. If I read right you live in Holland and it can't be expensive to go visit the Boreal yard. Make an appointment go down and see for yourself, I promise you weather you buy one or not you will have a new found faith in mankind. Boreal will let you tour the factory, talk with any shipwright and you get to do this entirely on your own no company rep hanging by yourside. You get to ask any question to anyone you want
  8. Our solution to the ugly dodger was to get a boat without a dodger. I wish the French could do canvas work, they suck at it! We would have loved for them to make us a bimini for the boat because that tropical sun just eats away at your brain. cheers
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