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  1. aquax

    Polars and VPP

    You may use -iPolar to create initial polars, then use iRegatta to load and auto update on the way or -forget iPolar and get a similar boats polar from web and load to iRegatta for auto modification.
  2. aquax

    Tuning Dufour 34 Performance 2006

    Hi jj, Nice to hear about them as we plan to race this season also:)
  3. aquax

    Volvo Diesel parts less than marine prices?

    Then, any clue for VP D1-30 to get reasonable priced spares as of an equivalent brand type? Thanks
  4. aquax

    Tuning Dufour 34 Performance 2006

    After a silent period some feedback of what we have now, - Weight removal definetly works -Decrasing mast rake made wonders, helm is very light -Backstay really depowers -Vang sheeting also a major game changer -Still using same inventory, but we learnt a bit:) Now for a local race series: 2-1-1-1 and only one remaining race, we are having fun. Fair winds,
  5. aquax

    Tuning Dufour 34 Performance 2006

    What we did last weekend: -some weight out of the boat, (still room to go) -genoa repaired, (I believe, quite a bit of drag eliminated) careful observations shows little/no saggy bag but leech is very week, will see? -better (continous) utilisation of genoa cars, -more concentration of main halyard, traveller, vang and sheet (even did not start to play with cunningham) -better use of body weight, ( it really does matter as AFAIK) -dont forget the backstay Result: light helm with much more control on boat, we are still learning the boat. Thanks to all , will keep posting and try to learn as much as possible. Last weekend? Lots of beer, fun and a tin. Fair winds,
  6. aquax

    Tuning Dufour 34 Performance 2006

    Currently 1:32 setup at backstay, let me see how much rope I can play.. In deed, jib cars was centered and neglected, good point I forgot to check and warn trimmers. Thanks all.. I will post if I can manage to sort out some advices ..
  7. aquax

    Tuning Dufour 34 Performance 2006

    "Looking at the hull shape, I doubt you're dragging the bum." Agree, I did not feel any dragging (upwind), contrary I felt power loss at helm, probably loosing some upper part and reducing effective area.
  8. aquax

    Tuning Dufour 34 Performance 2006

    Thanks for valuable info. 135 on furling (as stated on IRC cert so to use a 110% is not an option with furling discount AFAIK) and reefing is not working as mentioned. Rake will be a good point to check. One other point crew weight placement, we must test what will happen when we put weight back, I dont know boat reaction to weight trim. Sailing at Istanbul, with sails not new and pocket is not that deep:)
  9. Ahoy, New (to me) boat. Hard to find any boat specific tuning info on web. Anyone with experience, idea how to improve performance any tips and tricks appreciated. Boat history is good, "a trophee owner once", hence, we (I) must learn. Symmetric, German mainsheet, %135 genoa, trying to setup team and race within IRC weekends. Specifically above 15 TWS, to much helm required sometimes loosing control. Railmeet, mainsail depowering, backstay tension, reefing, smaller jib what do you think? Fair winds, ( a reliable folower not posting much )