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  1. I don't get the planing theory at all on conventional F Boats, sure many times I have had the sensation of planing when the main hull is leaving the water but invariably at this stage (on non foiling tri's) the leeward float is hard pressed into the water, how can that be planing?
  2. I would say ventilation occurs when reaching (in the high teens) with the main over sheeted, the boat just keeps going straight with no steerage, a good wriggle of the rudder normally rectifies this, I have also lost steerage on F25 and F22 when pushed.
  3. I own a rear cockpit 1995 Corsair F31, For solo sailing, I like the rear cockpit as it allows you to reach the outboard tiller for ease of maneuvering, I like the under slung rudder (we do encounter ventilation problems) as it allows the tiller to be forward of my (rear mounted) traveler, allowing to steer through a tack with your foot while tacking the jib, I have a 42'6" fixed mast, on OMR our rating system, we are quite competitive. Inside I like the pull out bed from under the cockpit floor as it makes a very roomy berth, the enclosed head offers good privacy as well. I don't like the lack
  4. SCANAS, one extra cost, Corsair normally sells in US Dollars, at the moment one Aussie $ buys about 87 US cents and I am tipping this is about to get worse so there's another 15% on the price at the moment.
  5. Low Grove that one wasn't that far away sitting for sale in the Hastings Marina last time I looked, but I think I heard that the owner is keeping it after trying to sell for 5 years or so. Cabsav I reckon your right, looks like a huge off the beach cat (50 ft plus) shame he hasn't entered Geelong week with us.
  6. So ya coming to Airlie or not?

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