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  1. Never saw it coming and he got Big Ben on the chin!!!
  2. Same with reader glasses, I have a bunch, at home, in the car and at the office:-)
  3. it is also possible they have the wrong microbiome to support the appreciation. :-)
  4. Top left, November 1962, F111 first flight Dec 1964
  5. If you have St. Pete Marina berth, J92, sweet overall sailing vessel.
  6. So far everyone I’ve shared the upside dawn with has been pleasantly surprised , keep us posted:-)
  7. Try Upside Dawn by Athletic Brewing, I get it by the 12 pack and very tasty.
  8. Sol, not so fast after your fins cough up a hairball :-)
  9. Wonderful helm feel, easily driven, and responsive on all points of sail and wind speeds. I can feel it and the SR21 I had and a friends J92 to this date are my best personal examples of excellent overall design emerging as good to excellent on the water. I am past 60 and pure reaching speed doesn't interest me as much anymore. Overall sailing capabilities, Hell Yes :-) the art of excellence I really apprecitate. My hunch is this new BP28 is going to live right in the magic sweet spots I enjoy most.
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