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  1. Well Done Scooter ! and love the paragraph re: Lewack
  2. Can someone please get Rimas a boat and a tracker ? I am having withdrawals - especially now that sailing season is ending. We all need some entertainment.
  3. Chicago to Providence via St.Lawrence is a nice voyage. took us 6 leisurely weeks doing it some time ago. Note, you'll be motoring 1/2 the time. And also note, even at the height of August summer heat - you'll be wearing heavy fleece and wool caps. The Gulf and Mouth of St. Lawrence are extraordinary. Makes the trip worth it.
  4. Harbor 20s Newport California - Thursdays is considered a low turnout if 25 boats show up, often 30. The Fleet races 5 nights a week during the Summer Season, each of 5 clubs hosts a race. Veyr rare to have less than 20 boats
  5. The Texas reef escape remains bewildering. Even more so is Our Hero's track of the prior 2 days. He threaded the needle in a most incredible way. Check his track approaching the last ping. I believe he had some navigation help via radio or ?
  6. Somebody, must disagree with your assessment of Our Hero; I bought him a cheap lunch in SF back in 2013 (or maybe it was 2014), my impression was he was batshit crazy like a stereotypic homeless person. Very weak grasp on basic reality. He gave me the America-has-been-berry-berry-good-to-me -land-of-the-free narrative, but it appeared to me that Our Hero was just parroting talking points that he thought would score him some donations. This was back when Our Hero was planning to round Cape Horn and plant a huge US flag on South Georgia Island. And of course he tri
  7. Something is rather odd with his papers. If he really was a US citizen, then our Embassy boys would have sorted everything out by now. Note, that up until being brought ashore in Vietnam - our Hero always landed on US territories. It seemed an obession with him. Hmm, maybe our Hero had some quircky refugee status with the USG but never got naturalized. Maybe he's stateless. He's no longer a Soviet Citizen - having resigned way back when. I recall with the Russians ( just like the US ) if you resign, they ain't EVER letting sign up ever again. Maybe his a
  8. a fitting end to our hero living under a bridge in vietnam; no papers; begging for rice money
  9. like a fine novel of the old school we end with the beginning
  10. All Hail the mighty Cockroach of the Seas We mere Mariner’s stand in awe and wonder for the Cockroach has surpassed all our expectations
  11. Judges ? Methinks the contest had a second life.
  12. Judges, We did have some predictions which placed Rimas outlandishly far from Fiji ? You going to rule on those ?
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