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  1. https://www.mysailing.com.au/transat-countdown-begins/
  2. https://www.mysailing.com.au/middle-sea-race-jpk-118-sunrise-in-contention-for-another-race-win/
  3. https://www.mysailing.com.au/more-records-broken-in-middle-sea-race/
  4. a beast...mastered by Mitch Booth wow , the drone footage on the Tom Slingsby post .....
  5. https://www.bateaux.com/article/38132/analyse-et-evolution-de-la-class40-l-avis-de-l-architecte-sam-manuard?utm_source=bateaux-Hebdo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter&utm_content=article
  6. must be a photo before but put up for finishing first
  7. https://www.bateaux.com/dossier/transat-jacques-vabre A good collection from the past on the Bateaux site https://www.bateaux.com/article/37926/transat-jacques-vabre-2021-le-directeur-de-course-analyse-les-differents-parcours
  8. A flashback to June https://www.bateaux.com/article/37401/william-mathelin-presente-le-clak40-nouveau-plan-vplp
  9. This is from a post in January In 'What is it?" The one Cape is doing is the Etienne Bertrand Design, with Guillaume Dupont During an intervention on Imagine, the Class 40 Jörg Riechers was going to run the Normandy Channel Race, I had the opportunity to meet with Andrew Thomson of the boat builder Cape Racing. We were able to exchange on a more modern Class 40 idea than Imagine, more powerful, but also simpler and easier and more comfortable to lead it at high speeds. Missioned for a Cape 40 V2, I asked Guillaume Dupond to partner with this project, so that he would add his
  10. Delivery must be soon....Maybe this Friday...22nd Oct After Boris Herrmann, Maxime Sorel and Mer Concept have chosen the Multiplast team to build the hull and deck of the Imoca V&B Mayenne - Monbana The shipyard will build these parts, which are scheduled for delivery in October 2021, from Apivia's molds. For this new project, Guillaume Verdier has slightly modified the front shapes. Multiplast is delighted with this new collaboration and is ready for any new Imoca project for the Vendée Globe 2024.
  11. Multiplast - Groupe Carboman 2 September · The / Multiplast association wins the International Call for Projects competition around Class 30, a future new monotype designed to bring the sailboat race school offshore tomorrow.
  12. https://www.scanvoile.com/2021/09/un-class-30-signe-vplpmultiplast.html#.YWubAhBBzOQ https://segelreporter.com/regatta/class30-initiative-vplpmultiplast-entwerfen-und-bauen-neues-ausbildungs-und-regattaboot/
  13. https://www.velaveneta.it/2021/09/10/matteo-polli-yacht-design-e-il-composito-innovativo-di-nlcomp-fra-i-finalisti-del-concorso-internazionale-class-30-od/?fbclid=IwAR2hU4xCN5oCQ_qvOEokxnFn5TY-CPbgWrE1ObABHrr7OmU869kZsskYub4 and a similar smaller sportsboat version of an eco racer by Matteo http://www.matteopolliyd.com/ecoracer-769/?fbclid=IwAR2hU4xCN5oCQ_qvOEokxnFn5TY-CPbgWrE1ObABHrr7OmU869kZsskYub4
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