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  1. If I had been MA at the presentation, I would have walked over to Celestial and left it in the boats cockpit or given it to Sam and the his crew look after for about 12 months...
  2. So who are still in contention for the Tattersall win? By my calculations the best placed boat seems to be White Bay 6 Azzurro, who is expected to finish around 6am tomorrow, high tide in Hobart tomorrow is 5:55am so she could have a following flood tide. Currently she is doing around 6 kts.
  3. Why the CYCA insists on using that poor excuse of a tracker is beyond me, there are so many better ones out there.
  4. Indeed we are hoping to get locally sourced boats such as the Envy, one is coming to the club shortly for a test sail. We are also trying to get locally made Pacers if the prices are right. So far it looks like the Pacer is the short priced favourite for us. I will keep all of you posted, thanks for all the replies.
  5. Stanno, I dropped in today to look at the RS Quests at Hunters Hill SC, I think they are too big and expensive for us to purchase, nice boats though, thanks for the invite. I used to sail with my dad at the old HHSC back in the sixties in a 12 foot skiff (Shamrock), RS.
  6. We had an NS 14 state title some years back at Manly, in Sydney. The courses took us across the heads to Sydney Harbour. One of the boats had to come back to shore so that their crew could lay down on the grass for an hour to recover from seasickness. The swells were pretty big, sometimes if you were down in the bottom of the swell all you could see was the top of the mast of a boat down in another swell dip about 100m away. I didn't like the courses, but I never got seasick.
  7. Our sailing club (Chipping Norton Lake sailing Club), in western Sydney, is looking at replacing our old Pacer training fleet. We would like something similar to the Pacer, but it would be preferable if it was a self drainer. We have looked at many possibilities, but the only one that has come close is the RS 200, unfortunately we feel the RS 200 is too expensive, too heavy and has too much sail area. Does anyone have any other suggestions, thanks.
  8. For those worried about the volcanic activity on La Palma, the volcano is on the western side of the island and the current winds are blowing the ash cloud away from the island. The fleet will be docked on the eastern side of the island, well away from the volcano.
  9. I am guessing that the proviso to leave the Fastnet FSS to port was to have it act like a standoff mark to help prevent collisions, especially during night roundings. I does look like Rambler 88 didn't leave the TSS completely to port.
  10. HB might be a dog up wind, but they are hauling arse at the moment.
  11. Apivia is match racing a boat twice her length (Skorpios). and has left the other Imocas in her wake, have they finally found a way to make a foiling Imoca sail fast upwind?
  12. Not the best winds for the leaders once they get around the Rock and start heading home, looks like lighter winds all the way back for them.
  13. An NS 14 has a minimum official hull weight of 64kg, (141 lb) most carry around 4kg (9 lb) of lead ballast to bring them up to that weight. About 12 were sent to the Santa Barbara YC around 2000, they were mostly early 1990 designs. Probably not available on the east coast, and not the weight you want anyway. Tasars weigh 68kg (150 lb), so out of you weight range as well.
  14. The Bic Open skiff combines both vang and downhaul.
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