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  1. Might be a repost but I'm too lazy to look. $30k for a cal29. lol. https://victoria.craigslist.org/boa/d/duncan-cal29/7305901633.html
  2. Sadly the museum had to relocate/store most of their wonderful boats, Tilikum, Trekka etc. a few years back when they lost their home in the amazing old courthouse in Victoria, BC - it was a fantastic museum and historic building. They've bounced around a few small places since, I've lost track, but it'd be great to see the boats again, I had the pleasure of wandering around on Trekka, it didn't take long!
  3. C&C24, easy singlehand (no roller needed, I just used a downhaul), sails well, bags more interior than most other 24 footers. I loved mine.
  4. Must have had to get one fuckload of hoops over a bottle to get those, all I ever got off those carnie bastards was a goldfish with a lump on its head. (for the record, I abhor keeping these intelligent majestic creatures in captivity)
  5. Or a C&C24, not so trailerable but fun to sail, and probably the most cruiser-friendly interior in that size.
  6. That davit looks a bit oversized, neat little RC model hanging off though
  7. I don't think stainless likes to be deprived of oxygen, although in this application it probably doesn't matter much. How about a titanium washer? Not sure what the wear characteristics are compared to stainless, but it'd be cooler.
  8. https://victoria.craigslist.org/boa/d/victoria-vintage-classic-sailboat/7142563171.html Vintage, classic. Not two words I've ever heard when used to describe a Reinell. Also not seen a skylight on a sailing boat before.
  9. Heh, we all get them. I always think of them like this: Securite: "Hey something you want to look out for" Pan Pan: "Heads-up, shit might be going down here" Mayday Mayday: "Shit went down, help!"
  10. That would be a Securite securite no?
  11. Consider also a C&C27, they sail properly, are roomy below, can often be found with a diesel inboard, plus they were built well - tough little boat.
  12. Should have stretched to a warranty, you'll probably need it.
  13. Pretty sure this boat is never going to be doing that. Also, too much sausage, look like a bunch of dock hands from some snooty Yacht club in their matching shorts and polos. Wankers.
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