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  1. OK, made new seals up as well, so should all be pretty much as-new now.
  2. Hmm, I'll see if I have some rubber gasket stuff knocking about.
  3. Are they flat or an o-ring? Hard to tell from the diagrams, I think flat in which case I can make some easily enough.
  4. Visibility is fine once there's water in there, just a bit of dust on the glass, strainer basket is all good too. Seals seemed OK and I left the ones on the cylinder itself intact during the process. I'll see if I can source a pair of the sight glass seals though, they probably need changing.
  5. Alrighty, a few hours with the dremel, a bit of measuring and cutting of threaded rod and she's as good as new. Well, almost. Colour looks a bit odd because of the lighting in my workshop, but it's mostly a nice shiny bronze. Before: After:
  6. Yeah, I'll use this stuff I have already and keep an eye on it, if it looks like it's turning to crap quickly then I can revisit the solution, not exactly a big job to take out if needed.
  7. Smallest they do in silicon bronze is 0.375", and 12" of that shipped to me works out to be a neat $65, plus whatever taxes and handling fees they deem fit to apply.
  8. Difficulty is likely finding any silicon bronze rod round here, not exactly spoilt for choice of suppliers.
  9. Yeah, I'll have a go over it this evening, cleaned off a few small areas and so far underneath that verdigris it's looked a nice bronze colour. Fingers crossed. I'm thinking of just drilling the ears and using a threaded rod with nuts at both ends, I have some zinc plated stuff in the garage that's the right diameter, but not convinced it's the material of choice. Not really bothered if it rusts, I can replace them yearly for the next 40 years and still be ahead of Groco's spare part pricing.
  10. I'll add it to the ever expanding list of "while I've got the engine out I might as well..."
  11. Ughh, ok, I will pull the strainer out and see if it can be revived. It currently looks like the "before" photo above, but much, much shittier.
  12. I have an old brass Perko strainer on my boat, one of the tie rods has broken, and it's generally looking a bit old. I can probably repair it, Perko want a comedic $175 (WTAF!!!!) or so for 4 tie rods and a handful of nuts, or I could just get some threaded rod and make my own for about $35. Or, I could rip it out and replace with a modern plastic one for about $50. I'm leaning towards the latter option, what say the peanut gallery?
  13. ****** WARNING - GRAPHIC PHOTOS OF DEATH IN THIS POST - CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK ***** I was walking the dogs on the beach the other day and stumbled across this body. This is either the best thing, or the worst thing you have ever seen, depending on which docking church you attend.
  14. I picked up a pair of $15 volleyball pads, Nike, figuring they would do until I could get some proper gear. That was 7 years ago, still haven't got proper gear.
  15. Well, for those that care (likely just me), I managed to get the engine out of the boat and back to my garage. Once I've cleaned and painted the engine room I can get the new one in. I just know it's going to escalate though, while there's all that space it's a good time to sort out the wiring.....
  16. It's physically getting the engine to the boat that's the bigger problem, dock has a rickety little ramp that I can't get a cart down. Anyway, still battling the old engine out, I managed to get three out of four bolts from the coupling, that last one is being a bit of a bugger.
  17. Please try not to watch that part though, beyond ridiculous.
  18. Wow. I'm disappointed it's in Saanich though, first glance I assumed it would be Sooke.
  19. New (old) engine is all painted up and ready to go into the boat. If I can get the old engine out, and somehow get this one close to the boat.
  20. Heh, I found it in a curiosity shop in Victoria a few years ago, built one with my dad back in the late 70s, figured this would make a nice father and son project for me and my boy. With the progress it's making, it'll be one for him and his kid mind.
  21. An original Mirror dinghy kit, from the early/mid 70s judging by the hull number.
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