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  1. Right now it's a stock alternator, which is I think 35A maximum, a larger alternator would be nice as there is no shore power available, but 100A is probably overkill, at the moment I just have a start and a house battery, nothing fancy. Underway, loads shouldn't be silly, chartplotter, VHF, sometimes autopilot. I typically just head out for a few hours, but we get some serious currents, bouncy stuff and winds can pick up quickly. It is a very unforgiving shoreline too, all landings are hard and very pointy, so having grunt to power off a lee shore in 25+kts is a nice thing to have in the back
  2. I'm in the hole thousands for that fucking little 1GM10 already, I will not spend another cent on it. I'd rip it out and throw another one in there, it literally couldn't be any worse than the one that is in there, but if I'm going to do that, then might as well go the extra and have some spare power. The 1GM10 is about the smallest possible engine that could push this boat, even then it's not going to achieve hull speed, and the slightest headwind, chop or current and it's going to be challenged.
  3. Can you race without the parasites turning up?
  4. Yeah, I looked in the C&C27 association, and have asked on the C&C mailing list previously. Neither has yielded much if any information. 9hp just "feels" a bit small, but it'll be a lot easier to get a working 1GM10 in there than swapping out to the 2 cylinder.
  5. My boat (C&C27 MkII), 5500lbs, 21' waterline, currently has a disfunctional Yanmar 1GM10 hooked up to a 3 blade 12x8 prop. Assuming I could make the 1GM10 properly functional and putting out somewhere close to the factory power output (9hp, 3600rpm max), is this engine/prop combination still too small do you reckon? For interest, I ran it through a prop calculator, and to reach a hull speed of around 6.1kts, it'd be wanting 11hp and a 13x10. An alternative would be to move to a 2GM20 (which I happen to have laying around), which I think would need something like a 15x9.
  6. If I've ever seen a boat saying "kill me Billy", it's that right there.
  7. I think that should be in cool boats, a waterborne GMC motorhome.
  8. Get. The. Fuck. In. England. Total power play on NZ, dominated them all over the pitch, smothered their game and eventually beat all 16 AB players in front of them (looking at you TMO).
  9. I'm looking forward to both games, sadly won't get a chance to watch the Wales v SA but I'll be cheering England on against NZ tonight. I just hope that teams actually win on merit and not some dumb referee interference.
  10. Get a fast RIB/tender for the kiddy thrills/noise/speed/towing a tube. A Ranger 25 ain't going to get up on a plane, and chugging along in anything like that is a loooong ways away from exciting. Lioness - sails = serene powerboat no?
  11. Why couldn't you host grandkids on a 40' sailboat? Anyway, powerboat = tug, sailboat = barge.
  12. I hope the Scotland v Japan game goes ahead, if it doesn't we'll never hear the end of the skirt wearers bleating on about how they were cruelly kicked out of the world cup by a typhoon, instead of by being shit at rugby.
  13. Having sailed in and around this area for the past 10 years, I'd say the days with wind <10kts greatly exceed the days with wind >10kts, especially once you start getting up towards the gulf islands.
  14. A day is enough in Victoria, kick your way through the drug addicts and hobos downtown and take a nice walk round to Spinnakers for a beer and watch the floatplanes coming in and out. Butchart gardens, meh, alright if you like flowers. Mostly tourist crap. Get off the peninsula. Head out west past Sooke, lots of nice parks, botanical beach at low tide is pretty impressive, hike parts of the west coast trail etc. You can then drive up through to Cowichan, Cowichan Bay is a neat little seaside town with a small but cool little maritime museum/wooden boat place. The drive out to Tofino is
  15. I saw something recently about someone who'd got a whole sheet of flags printed, along with cut lines etc on a single piece of cloth. They just cut them out and stitched the webbing etc, think it was <$50 all-in for a complete set of flags for the Caribbean, I imagine similar things would be available for signal flags?
  16. Great result for Japan, the World Cup, and for rugby in Japan!
  17. I had this exact conversation with a friend after the last race - I don't need breathable on my ass, I need 100% total waterproof, same for knees. I was considering some sort of paint-on rubberisation, but searching for paint-on rubber coatings got me into parts of the Internet I didn't want to go to.
  18. I think that's for getting pizza out of the foredeck wood-burning pizza oven (not shown).
  19. I like a classic G&T, a nice double shot of good gin (none of that Bombay Sapphire crap though), squeeze of lime, poured over ice and topped with tonic. Margarita, make enough for 2 each, few manage more than 2. 1 part fresh squeezed lime juice, 2 parts orange liqueur (I prefer Cointreau but any triple-sec type will do), 4 parts tequila (if it's not good enough to drink neat, it's not good enough for a margarita). Mix over ice. Serve, watch the giggling.
  20. Heh, drove past your place a few times then based on the T22 out front, we were camping at Page's down the road.
  21. Was up on Gabriola Island over the weekend, noticed a couple of racy looking numbers sitting unloved at the docks, kinda cool but much un-sailed it seems. Any idea what they are? Traveller extends outside the deck, cassette rudder, huuuuge space behind the helm for hanging out. Pretty sure the fishing station and BBQ wasn't standard This one was a bit of a mini Imoca60
  22. Always makes me laugh when some 'Murkan is bleating on about respecting their flag, while their stars and stripes shorts are rubbing their sweaty nutsack. Not suggesting the lady above has a nutsack, but still, you get the idea.
  23. FYI, Maiden is currently at Royal Vic Yacht Club, open for viewing until 10pm tonight, then off to Vancouver in the morning.
  24. "Maiden the movie is showing August 25th & 26th at the Cinecenta Theatre in Victoria " huh, well there you go.
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