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  1. It's on in Vic tomorrow evening but I don't recall the theatre - I think RVYC arranged it so they should know. Maiden is in town tomorrow I think, then off to Van, whether you'll be able to get onboard I don't know, they said they were only there 5-6pm today.
  2. I had the pleasure of looking around Maiden this afternoon in Victoria harbour. Very cool.
  3. Pretty sure the most valuable thing on that boat is the blue tarp in the cockpit.
  4. 27-3 is just shy of 28', almost nothing between that and the 29-2 in terms of size - depends on if your preference is for bunks at the side or a dinette. The 27-5 is (as said) much smaller in all ways and race-focussed. The 27-3 is also a fair chunk lighter (~1200lbs) than the 29-2 but with a similar SA/D. The 27-3 will leave a 29-2 for dust in light air, and likely when it's a bit snortier too, but of course will need to reef a touch earlier. I'd take a 27-3 over a 29-2 any day. But that's me. All are good boats though, you'll like any of them in good condition.
  5. Somehow that boat manages to look uglier in the drawing than in the flesh, that's a pretty rare feat IME.
  6. I don't care if it's slow, fast or a cluster waiting to happen, it looks freakin fantastic.
  7. Three pairs of my sunglasses, a pair of my wife's sunglasses I'd borrowed, my 5 year old son dropped his glasses over the side at the dock (that was the worst, howled for days), winch handle which was picked up by the main sheet and neatly deposited on the toerail to ensure I heard it bounce before the splash, a boat hook that was hooked and fired about 30' in the air by a jib sheet, assorted hats, probably a bunch more.
  8. Magic eraser, I use that shit on everything.
  9. This is a quite good looking aluminium centre-cockpit just off the beach near here. Looks like it would be/had been a really nice cruiser at one point but I'm guessing she'll not see the water unless a tsunami hits.
  10. Or for probably less than what it would cost to get this one finished, you could just buy one already done and save a lot of pain, broken dreams and inevitable cost of having it finally cut up and taken to a dumpster https://thunderbirdmarine.com/yacht-sales/robert-harris-vancouver-27/
  11. I'd think they want a large cat - shallower draft and their drinks won't spill when it heels.
  12. Only the solid yellow areas are closed to traffic, not a big deal, although they might need to tweak Swiftsure courses.
  13. Some of you may recall not mocking a Santa Cruz 27 last spring, well she finally got splashed this evening after a ton of work (not by me). Can't wait to get racing! https://photos.app.goo.gl/r6SEqJzMEfcVctGn9
  14. My new slip has dirty, splintery bull rails. I hate them already. If that makes me un-Canadian then so be it, I also have no interest in hockey, and Tim Horton's is shit. There, I said it.
  15. Sorry to interrupt your architecture/kitchen discussion, but https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/boa/d/chilliwack-26-macgregor-sailboat/6877842404.html $60k for a Mac26, "way under value" apparently.
  16. My boat is gender fluid. When the sailing is good, a she. When I want to burn the fucking thing to the waterline, an it. It's been an it a lot recently.
  17. Or an earlier C&C27, such as https://thunderbirdmarine.com/yacht-sales/rob-ball-27-2-sloop/ (not diesel but otherwise looks decent)
  18. My hawse pipe has a cover, so I just use that (and hang the chain off the hook underneath to hold it in place).
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