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  1. C&C24 is a great boat, I had one. Sail really nicely, good manners and easy to single-hand (looks like that one is set up for it too, plus it's got a traveler), dry cockpit and pretty stable. Below is very comfortable even if not quite standing headroom (unless you're 5'6" or shorter). Reasonably fast and a nice wide "groove" that makes it easy to sail to the rating, well built.
  2. I wouldn't be too scared to consider a wooden one, they are just stitch'n'glue ply, so very easy to repair if necessary since the entire design was based around an average Joe being able to build one in their front room. You can still buy replacement panels (or a whole kit), and the wood hull is (IIRC) lighter than the glass one. Sadly Mirror Sailing Development in Ontario recently closed their doors. As for speed, they go OK and will plane (eventually), they are no sport boat for sure, but you can have a lot of fun in them, and there's somewhere to keep your sandwiches.
  3. There's a pretty active Facebook group if you're so inclined, https://www.facebook.com/groups/16537332977/ Good little boats, they've made some quite significant trips, e.g. from the English/Welsh border to the Black Sea so you can absolutely cruise/camp on them.
  4. Yeah, bought it as a fun father and son project, at this rate it'll be for my son and his kids.
  5. Yep, every now and then. I have an original 1970s kit in my garage waiting to be built. There's a small fleet in Van as well that might know of any for sale, nice thing about the Mirror is you can throw it on a roof rack which makes the ferry cheaper.
  6. Exactly what I need on mine, I never really understood how they got so many aspects of design right except cockpits. I think we were just tougher in the 70s.
  7. No mocks since Saturday? Is this some kind of mockless record?
  8. Six gill baby shark in a bun is on special in Brentwood all weekend.
  9. It's what happens when a petite French number falls for a rough-around-the-edges commercial fisher.
  10. https://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/1982-Edel-665-Red-Hull-with-custom-aluminum-extension-27-Honda-8hp-LS_32837746 "in 2008 a custom aluminum extension was added ($4500) by the then current co-owner's father in law who was a shipwright. The job he did was spectacular and changed a stubby day sailor into a full mini sloop with the correct lines. She looks better and sails better." Just gonna leave that one there.
  11. The force is strong with that one. And by "the force", I mean batshit crazy.
  12. Yep, would be perfect for my little Mirror dinghy. Shame it's in SF.
  13. I like the way they've noted the scale on the drawing, some of those random wiggles in the hull and deck lines must be 5 or 6", difficult to fabricate you'd have thought, but somehow the photos show that it's exactly as shit as they imagined.
  14. Hard to say, ask them to explain paying cost over-runs of 100% on a fixed cost contract and still getting sued by the contractors, see which one twitches.
  15. https://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/Stainless-cam-cleat-rope-grab-sailing--yacht_31828034 Not a whole boat, but I like the use of random terminology.
  16. Yeah, don't come near our island. If the bullrails don't get you, the wildlife will. FYI, the cougars mostly congregate around the Swans pub.
  17. Pfft, you mean you don't have your own trapeze to entertain yourself on those light wind days setting records across the pacific?
  18. I feel a grudging admiration for that, it's a pretty clever solution and much better than the typical ply and glass shed-like mess that homemade pilot houses usually end up as.
  19. Lady Slipper? Sounds like a slang term for a vagina.
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