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  1. Might be a repost but I'm too lazy to look. $30k for a cal29. lol. https://victoria.craigslist.org/boa/d/duncan-cal29/7305901633.html
  2. Sadly the museum had to relocate/store most of their wonderful boats, Tilikum, Trekka etc. a few years back when they lost their home in the amazing old courthouse in Victoria, BC - it was a fantastic museum and historic building. They've bounced around a few small places since, I've lost track, but it'd be great to see the boats again, I had the pleasure of wandering around on Trekka, it didn't take long!
  3. C&C24, easy singlehand (no roller needed, I just used a downhaul), sails well, bags more interior than most other 24 footers. I loved mine.
  4. Must have had to get one fuckload of hoops over a bottle to get those, all I ever got off those carnie bastards was a goldfish with a lump on its head. (for the record, I abhor keeping these intelligent majestic creatures in captivity)
  5. Or a C&C24, not so trailerable but fun to sail, and probably the most cruiser-friendly interior in that size.
  6. That davit looks a bit oversized, neat little RC model hanging off though
  7. I don't think stainless likes to be deprived of oxygen, although in this application it probably doesn't matter much. How about a titanium washer? Not sure what the wear characteristics are compared to stainless, but it'd be cooler.
  8. https://victoria.craigslist.org/boa/d/victoria-vintage-classic-sailboat/7142563171.html Vintage, classic. Not two words I've ever heard when used to describe a Reinell. Also not seen a skylight on a sailing boat before.
  9. Heh, we all get them. I always think of them like this: Securite: "Hey something you want to look out for" Pan Pan: "Heads-up, shit might be going down here" Mayday Mayday: "Shit went down, help!"
  10. That would be a Securite securite no?
  11. Consider also a C&C27, they sail properly, are roomy below, can often be found with a diesel inboard, plus they were built well - tough little boat.
  12. Should have stretched to a warranty, you'll probably need it.
  13. Pretty sure this boat is never going to be doing that. Also, too much sausage, look like a bunch of dock hands from some snooty Yacht club in their matching shorts and polos. Wankers.
  14. Well, I'll give it a go but not sure what the back of the boat will think. Pretty sure my ass will chafe on the rail in that too.
  15. Thin, light, flexible, strong, buoyant, waterproof, breathable, warm. Seems like a big ask.
  16. It's like a shit version of James and the Giant Peach, Bubba and the Big Pickle.
  17. Which of your designs do you fucking hate now?
  18. Have you spoken to a good sailmaker/designer about it? If not, drop me a PM and I'll send you one that I'd trust to give you good advice.
  19. I like the tie-down chains in case it blows away in the wind. All 25 tons of it.
  20. Neat boat, if I had the time/money to fix her up then I would. But sadly I don't, already have plenty enough projects on the go. I hope someone saves her.
  21. I've stockpiled 25000 bog rolls down below, can't get into my boat to switch the main battery on now, so yeah, it's affected my sailing.
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