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  1. Sadly the museum had to relocate/store most of their wonderful boats, Tilikum, Trekka etc. a few years back when they lost their home in the amazing old courthouse in Victoria, BC - it was a fantastic museum and historic building. They've bounced around a few small places since, I've lost track, but it'd be great to see the boats again, I had the pleasure of wandering around on Trekka, it didn't take long!

  2. 1 hour ago, Priscilla said:

    Not really surprised considering how we treat their whanau.




    Must have had to get one fuckload of hoops over a bottle to get those, all I ever got off those carnie bastards was a goldfish with a lump on its head.




    (for the record, I abhor keeping these intelligent majestic creatures in captivity)

  3. 18 hours ago, 10thTonner said:

    There’s more than a dozen of them in my club. Excellent daysailers /weekenders for their size, and they still race OD in many European countries, too. Only issues are: no reef line (in OD configuration), and iron keels. So be prepared to work with traveller and backstay and look for signs of rust regularly. You can’t go wrong with a H-Boat. 


    That davit looks a bit oversized, neat little RC model hanging off though :D

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  4. 11 hours ago, Navig8tor said:

    PAN  PAN is good for any non life threatening event, if for instance someone came across the boat still floating they could issue a Pan Pan call to advise of a vessel at location XY drifting this way as a danger to navigation.

    That would be a Securite securite no?

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  5. 19 minutes ago, carcrash said:

    When I bought my Maserati a few months ago at the Maserati Bentley dealership, I was (of course) taken to the finance manager's office, to get pressured to buy a warranty and lending products providing the dealership with appropriate kickbacks incentives.

    "Nope, just run my debit card." The manager was dumbfounded. I asked, "Don't most purchasers of Bentleys and Maseratis just pay cash?" And her response: "No, nobody. Everyone leases."

    Should have stretched to a warranty, you'll probably need it.

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  6. 5 hours ago, savoir said:

    I'd sure hate to be tacking that thing in big seas.  Running across that wide hull would be justplain scary.  No dodger and no bimini either.

    Pretty sure this boat is never going to be doing that. Also, too much sausage, look like a bunch of dock hands from some snooty Yacht club in their matching shorts and polos. Wankers.

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