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  1. Wow. I'm disappointed it's in Saanich though, first glance I assumed it would be Sooke.
  2. Heh, I found it in a curiosity shop in Victoria a few years ago, built one with my dad back in the late 70s, figured this would make a nice father and son project for me and my boy. With the progress it's making, it'll be one for him and his kid mind.
  3. An original Mirror dinghy kit, from the early/mid 70s judging by the hull number.
  4. I took it out of the box, so yeah, a good 85%
  5. Special armour makes it unsinkable, just don't actually try to prove it.
  6. Tesla's new Cyberyacht, the last of their big reveals for 2019, wait and see.....
  7. Make sure you never take a black light on that second one.
  8. My old tub, not sailing. Also, not covered in mussel shells and seagull shit like she is now.
  9. Yeah, but that's a lot of steps when you are in a race sequence with a bunch of other stuff going on, you just want to hit a big button that syncs it - look at regatta watches, race timing systems (Velocitek's "Gun" button etc).
  10. In the regatta mode, you should make a big timing sync button that moves the countdown timer to the nearest signal, for those times when you didn't quite manage to hit the button right on time.
  11. https://victoria.craigslist.org/boa/d/victoria-ted-brewer-design-aragosa-38/7031681815.html I find a lot of Brewer's designs a bit odd, but this is a pretty nice looker I think.
  12. It's like two kids got let loose with a couple of rollers.
  13. https://victoria.craigslist.org/boa/d/highlands-trimaran-boat/7028210844.html Paint. WTF.
  14. The lifting part of the foils are down in the cabin, removed for ease of shipping.
  15. I sail my own boat singlehanded almost exclusively, occasionally have my 5 year old son with me but he's not that useful yet
  16. Boats look good, nicely done. Given I have a Mirror dinghy still in kit form that I purchased about 4 years ago, the likelihood of me ever building something like the 850 is pretty slim
  17. A critical design requirement was to be able to properly dress in a top hat while below.
  18. If I've ever seen a boat saying "kill me Billy", it's that right there.
  19. I think that should be in cool boats, a waterborne GMC motorhome.
  20. I think that's for getting pizza out of the foredeck wood-burning pizza oven (not shown).
  21. FYI, Maiden is currently at Royal Vic Yacht Club, open for viewing until 10pm tonight, then off to Vancouver in the morning.
  22. "Maiden the movie is showing August 25th & 26th at the Cinecenta Theatre in Victoria " huh, well there you go.
  23. It's on in Vic tomorrow evening but I don't recall the theatre - I think RVYC arranged it so they should know. Maiden is in town tomorrow I think, then off to Van, whether you'll be able to get onboard I don't know, they said they were only there 5-6pm today.
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