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  1. 1 hour ago, SloopJonB said:

    The seals are available as a set from Groco but they are pricey ($40-ish) and nothing special - don't even fit all that well. Next time I'll cut my own from some inner tube or similar.

    Are they flat or an o-ring? Hard to tell from the diagrams, I think flat in which case I can make some easily enough.

  2. Visibility is fine once there's water in there, just a bit of dust on the glass, strainer basket is all good too. Seals seemed OK and I left the ones on the cylinder itself intact during the process.

    I'll see if I can source a pair of the sight glass seals though, they probably need changing.

  3. Yeah, I'll have a go over it this evening, cleaned off a few small areas and so far underneath that verdigris it's looked a nice bronze colour. Fingers crossed. I'm thinking of just drilling the ears and using a threaded rod with nuts at both ends, I have some zinc plated stuff in the garage that's the right diameter, but not convinced it's the material of choice. Not really bothered if it rusts, I can replace them yearly for the next 40 years and still be ahead of Groco's spare part pricing.

  4. I have an old brass Perko strainer on my boat, one of the tie rods has broken, and it's generally looking a bit old. I can probably repair it, Perko want a comedic $175 (WTAF!!!!) or so for 4 tie rods and a handful of nuts, or I could just get some threaded rod and make my own for about $35. Or, I could rip it out and replace with a modern plastic one for about $50.

    I'm leaning towards the latter option, what say the peanut gallery?

  5. Well, for those that care (likely just me), I managed to get the engine out of the boat and back to my garage. Once I've cleaned and painted the engine room I can get the new one in. I just know it's going to escalate though, while there's all that space it's a good time to sort out the wiring.....

  6. It's physically getting the engine to the boat that's the bigger problem, dock has a rickety little ramp that I can't get a cart down. Anyway, still battling the old engine out, I managed to get three out of four bolts from the coupling, that last one is being a bit of a bugger.

  7. 13 hours ago, Bull City said:

    So you must have bought the kit when you were a youngster, but now can't remember. :o

    Heh, I found it in a curiosity shop in Victoria a few years ago, built one with my dad back in the late 70s, figured this would make a nice father and son project for me and my boy. With the progress it's making, it'll be one for him and his kid mind.

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