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  1. I had the pleasure of looking around Maiden this afternoon in Victoria harbour. Very cool.
  2. Pretty sure the most valuable thing on that boat is the blue tarp in the cockpit.
  3. Somehow that boat manages to look uglier in the drawing than in the flesh, that's a pretty rare feat IME.
  4. This is a quite good looking aluminium centre-cockpit just off the beach near here. Looks like it would be/had been a really nice cruiser at one point but I'm guessing she'll not see the water unless a tsunami hits.
  5. Or for probably less than what it would cost to get this one finished, you could just buy one already done and save a lot of pain, broken dreams and inevitable cost of having it finally cut up and taken to a dumpster https://thunderbirdmarine.com/yacht-sales/robert-harris-vancouver-27/
  6. Some of you may recall not mocking a Santa Cruz 27 last spring, well she finally got splashed this evening after a ton of work (not by me). Can't wait to get racing! https://photos.app.goo.gl/r6SEqJzMEfcVctGn9
  7. My new slip has dirty, splintery bull rails. I hate them already. If that makes me un-Canadian then so be it, I also have no interest in hockey, and Tim Horton's is shit. There, I said it.
  8. Sorry to interrupt your architecture/kitchen discussion, but https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/boa/d/chilliwack-26-macgregor-sailboat/6877842404.html $60k for a Mac26, "way under value" apparently.
  9. No mocks since Saturday? Is this some kind of mockless record?
  10. Six gill baby shark in a bun is on special in Brentwood all weekend.
  11. It's what happens when a petite French number falls for a rough-around-the-edges commercial fisher.
  12. https://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/1982-Edel-665-Red-Hull-with-custom-aluminum-extension-27-Honda-8hp-LS_32837746 "in 2008 a custom aluminum extension was added ($4500) by the then current co-owner's father in law who was a shipwright. The job he did was spectacular and changed a stubby day sailor into a full mini sloop with the correct lines. She looks better and sails better." Just gonna leave that one there.
  13. The force is strong with that one. And by "the force", I mean batshit crazy.
  14. Yep, would be perfect for my little Mirror dinghy. Shame it's in SF.
  15. I like the way they've noted the scale on the drawing, some of those random wiggles in the hull and deck lines must be 5 or 6", difficult to fabricate you'd have thought, but somehow the photos show that it's exactly as shit as they imagined.
  16. Hard to say, ask them to explain paying cost over-runs of 100% on a fixed cost contract and still getting sued by the contractors, see which one twitches.
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