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  1. https://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/Stainless-cam-cleat-rope-grab-sailing--yacht_31828034 Not a whole boat, but I like the use of random terminology.
  2. Yeah, don't come near our island. If the bullrails don't get you, the wildlife will. FYI, the cougars mostly congregate around the Swans pub.
  3. Pfft, you mean you don't have your own trapeze to entertain yourself on those light wind days setting records across the pacific?
  4. I feel a grudging admiration for that, it's a pretty clever solution and much better than the typical ply and glass shed-like mess that homemade pilot houses usually end up as.
  5. Lady Slipper? Sounds like a slang term for a vagina.
  6. What filthy hussies, showing all that flesh. I'm offended. As to the FP SCOTW, what a fuckin dumb move to put that there.
  7. Bought my boat there, the docks were a little shabby back then, but not even close to how it sounds now.
  8. Punting works very nicely for flat bottom boats in shallow water, quite different from sculling though.
  9. Not entirely sure what the plan will be, but thanks for the heads-up PL.
  10. But then we'd have less to mock on this thread.
  11. Ishmael - I'm keeping my C&C, the SC will be the replacement for our increasingly shit J24, strictly for racing shenanigans.
  12. So I bought her. No real issues, other than a easily repairable crack from sitting on the trailer for so long, and it all needs re-assembling or bits replacing - she's not been in the water for a long, long time. Needs a couple of new tyres for the trailer, and probably the bearings done before I can haul her out of their garden Even dug out a reaching strut for it. There's also a ton of very vintage sails, I'm hoping the blooper is usable for a bit of a laugh too. Hopefully we'll be racing on her before the end of the summer.
  13. https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/bod/d/1948-kettenburg-pc-32/6501548759.html Hubba.
  14. To be be fair, the little D650 doesn't look too bad.
  15. https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/nvn/boa/d/27-ft-catalina-sailboat/6487447239.html Needs mast stepping. Once you lift it and the boom out of the water.
  16. This was my previous boat, someone abandoned some big live-aboard thing out in the basin: Current tub (with old sails):
  17. Not strictly a boat, but this guy wants to charge you $150 for open source software, and freely available charts (although if they are Canadian, they are illegal copies of the CHS charts). Bargain. http://vancouver.craigslist.ca/bnc/bod/5485182375.html
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