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  1. It's on in Vic tomorrow evening but I don't recall the theatre - I think RVYC arranged it so they should know. Maiden is in town tomorrow I think, then off to Van, whether you'll be able to get onboard I don't know, they said they were only there 5-6pm today.

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  2. On 7/18/2019 at 6:55 PM, toddster said:



    "Columbia 29 is tied to a tree on the east side of Ross Island. It’s on the water it floats. I’d you find it send me a pic so I can assure it’s mine and I’ll tell you all about it..."

    Oh wait... he want's you to pay to haul this away?  :wacko:

    Pretty sure the most valuable thing on that boat is the blue tarp in the cockpit.

  3. 27-3 is just shy of 28', almost nothing between that and the 29-2 in terms of size - depends on if your preference is for bunks at the side or a dinette.

    The 27-5 is (as said) much smaller in all ways and race-focussed. The 27-3 is also a fair chunk lighter (~1200lbs) than the 29-2 but with a similar SA/D. The 27-3 will leave a 29-2 for dust in light air, and likely when it's a bit snortier too, but of course will need to reef a touch earlier.

    I'd take a 27-3 over a 29-2 any day. But that's me.

    All are good boats though, you'll like any of them in good condition.

  4. Three pairs of my sunglasses, a pair of my wife's sunglasses I'd borrowed, my 5 year old son dropped his glasses over the side at the dock (that was the worst, howled for days), winch handle which was picked up by the main sheet and neatly deposited on the toerail to ensure I heard it bounce before the splash, a boat hook that was hooked and fired about 30' in the air by a jib sheet, assorted hats, probably a bunch more.

  5. On 6/24/2019 at 10:09 AM, Norse Horse said:

    Yes, with a federal election in 4 months, far better to just separate from Canada, declare a distinct society or a colony of Britain, control sea access to Vancouver and Seattle with armed sternwheelers, abolish speed limits on the island highway, declare Whiskey Golf open to passage and invite Apple to set up corporate headquarters.

    Long live the Queen.


    You got my vote.

  6. 20190616-142948.jpg

    This is a quite good looking aluminium centre-cockpit just off the beach near here. Looks like it would be/had been a really nice cruiser at one point but I'm guessing she'll not see the water unless a tsunami hits.

  7. 1 hour ago, bugger said:

    Should someone point out to that guy that for $17k you can buy a 27' boat that is complete and ready to sail away?  

    Edit:  Just looking on Craig's List where that boat is listed, the following boats are listed for less than $17k.  All appear in sail-away condition:

    CS 27; Cal 2-29; Mirage 27, Hughes 31, Catalina 30, Alberg 30, Olson 30, Choate 27 and ODay 27, C&C Redwing 30.  Prices on those boats are $8k to $17k.   



    Or for probably less than what it would cost to get this one finished, you could just buy one already done and save a lot of pain, broken dreams and inevitable cost of having it finally cut up and taken to a dumpster https://thunderbirdmarine.com/yacht-sales/robert-harris-vancouver-27/

  8. C&C24 is a great boat, I had one. Sail really nicely, good manners and easy to single-hand (looks like that one is set up for it too, plus it's got a traveler), dry cockpit and pretty stable. Below is very comfortable even if not quite standing headroom (unless you're 5'6" or shorter). Reasonably fast and a nice wide "groove" that makes it easy to sail to the rating, well built.

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