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    If I were King of the World, one of the first things I would do is to make sure that projects such as this had adequate financial backing and a completion bond to ensure that such wastes of resources, and their ultimate cost to the community, would be minimized.

    But then we'd have less to mock on this thread.



    $2500 CAN for a Santa Cruz 27 with a rockin paint job and a trailer? That's a steal unless it has real issues. Or he dropped a zero...


    So I bought her. No real issues, other than a easily repairable crack from sitting on the trailer for so long, and it all needs re-assembling or bits replacing - she's not been in the water for a long, long time. Needs a couple of new tyres for the trailer, and probably the bearings done before I can haul her out of their garden :)

    Even dug out a reaching strut for it. There's also a ton of very vintage sails, I'm hoping the blooper is usable for a bit of a laugh too.

    Hopefully we'll be racing on her before the end of the summer.

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  3. On 2/18/2018 at 10:54 AM, Norse Horse said:

    Some mockworthy sailboats from Chinese manufacturers listed on alibaba.com

    A Macgregor knockoff and another with stacked windows on the cabin just like Buccaneers

    China Manufacturing Hison 26ft Personal Sail Boats Made In China - Buy Sail Boats Made In China,Sail Boats Made In China,Sail Boats Made In China Product on Alibaba.com

    Need a small tender? Small Dinghy 1.6m Fiberglass Fishing Boat - Buy Fiberglass Pleasure Boat,Fiberglass Boat Top,Best Fiberglass Boat Product on Alibaba.com

    6.5 daysailor, they managed to get 8 aboard sailing. 2018 New Model Sailboat D650 Sail Boat 8 aboard Sailing Boat - Buy Sailboat,Sail Boat,Sailing Boat Product on Alibaba.com

    Catamaran party boat with a short rig and a flat top main well short of the top of the short mast. Check out the size of that rudder cassette and the stern curve in a reverse hottub design. Bestyear Catamaran S33c Boat Sailing Boat - Buy Boat,Catamaran Boat,Sailing Boat Product on Alibaba.com

    Claw anchor design best suited as a necklace or garden ornament. Polished Anchor For Sailing Boat - Buy Anchor For Granite,Stainless Steel Hardware,Sailboat Hardware Product on Alibaba.com

    A must-have for onion ring loving sailors. Onion Ring Sail Boat - Buy Onion Ring Sail Boat,Onion Ring Sail Boat,Onion Ring Sail Boat Product on Alibaba.com

    The BBQ boat, perhaps the smallest boat you could dress in a tie for dinner, or is that the salesman? Bbq Dount Plastic Sailing Boat - Buy Bbq Dount Boat,Plastic Boat,Sailing Boat Product on Alibaba.com

    Inflatable for YC parties or adverts. Custom Giant Inflatable Boat For Activity Celebration Inflatable Sailing - Buy Inflatable Boat,Rigid Inflatable Boat,Zodiac Inflatable Boat Product on Alibaba.com

    Finally, for stressed out sailors there is the foam squeeze anti stress sailboat, should your tiller or spreader break. Pu Foam Squeeze Anti Stress Sail Boat - Buy Anti Stress Sail Boat,Squeeze Anti Stress Sail Boat,Pu Foam Anti Stress Sail Boat Product on Alibaba.com

    To be be fair, the little D650 doesn't look too bad.

  4. Thinking about acquiring the above boat for some local PHRF racing. Anyone have any background info on this particular one? I think it was called Ghost Rider at one point when it was in the Okanagon, seen an old blogspot site from 2009/2010 but nothing since. Known to be soaked core, keel problems etc - any information is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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