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  1. And a happy birthday today to Jonas Salk.
  2. Yes, early Delta in July after being vaxxed in April. Three headachy days but probably would've been worse if I hadn't used the pandemic time to get in the best shape I've been in since my 20's. 66prix, fuck right off, you're an idiot and so was she.
  3. More than just a funny name-- Full circle to the home of Anarchy... Henry Thomas Oxnard (June 23, 1860 – June 8, 1922) was a French-born, American entrepreneur and namesake of the City of Oxnard and its Henry T. Oxnard Historic District. Oxnard was president of both the American Beet Sugar Company (which later changed its name to American Crystal Sugar Company) and the American Beet Sugar Association, which represents all the beet sugar factories in the United States. He and his brothers controlled five sugar factories in the United States.
  4. Well that was a fun morning. After hearing from my mom that she'd been awake since 2am on Saturday morning because of the problem neighbors, I have now... filed an online police report mentioning drug paraphernalia and possible prostitution; sent a letter to the homeowner (the fuckers are renters); advised the state tax board that there's a business most likely not reporting income at this address; and tipped CHP about out of state plates of California residents at the property. Here's a pic where partygoers try to avoid the fucking security guards. Tell me to fuck off? Cool. And yes,
  5. https://keyt.com/news/national-world/cnn-national/2021/09/21/man-who-filmed-rodney-kings-1991-beating-by-police-dies-of-covid-19-friend-says/?fbclid=IwAR16iDdOXqidpBQvPJxq116mL5wfotf-UdMW78OMVpPjbLft1YoiyJaXDcA By Stella Chan and David Williams, CNN George Holliday, the man who shot the infamous video of Los Angeles Police Department officers beating Rodney King more than 30 years ago, has died, his friend tells CNN. He was 61. Holliday died Sunday of Covid-19 in Simi Valley, California, according to longtime friend Robert Wollenweber. “Unfortunately, he
  6. Two years in and it's more fun than ever. Our lineup has evolved to where I'm now the lead guitarist, and I'm pretty happy with my growth in that department. Over the summer we took a day and recorded a three-song EP that just went live yesterday. Other guitarist has a nephew who works with the Foo Fighters... so we did the EP in their amazeballs studio in the Valley for half price . I hadn't played with the guys since July, when we all got breakthrough covid cases from a small party gig, so yesterday was a blast out at PCH. One fringe benefit of many... I was motivated to lose what wou
  7. 30K in 1970, zestimate 1M today due to simple and appealing upgrades rather than Mcmansionization. Woodland Hills in the west San Fernando Valley. My mom still lives there at 83 and is doing well but mind is showing signs of inevitable slipping; dad passed a decade ago. She is responsible for making it the beautiful retreat it still is, including koi pond and lots of greenery. In the pic, the place on the right has changed hands ten times over the years, currently owned (I have been compelled to learn) by a doctor of vague nationality with various offices around the Valley and LA (subli
  8. So far the people confirmed or expected to be unvaxxed at my school are right wing bible thumpers or jocks, and since leadership is stupid we had a full staff meeting in the caf again with mingling of 'who's got this color card' etc ( I waited outside with other people who actually read shit ) . One other suspect is out half every year anyway for back problems or stress or just fucking being a freak. The jock only turned in one grade during a trimester of distance learning. Shit like that makes me ashamed of the union protecting him. We're in a high spread area due to poverty although each
  9. Basic school thread but it’s kinda funny to see elk in the wild.
  10. This sweet, talented, funny and beautiful woman was a huge influence on me and by default some kind of influence on anybody who's had the misfortune to sit around a campfire or dock with me and a guitar handy. I was introduced to her by name only (no devices) in boot camp at Great Lakes in 1988, and her tapes were among the first I bought to have music during A school in Gulfport. During the past decade she stepped away from the public eye but she will be in my heart and at my fingertips until my time comes. Maybe you enjoyed her too.
  11. Oh, don't get too excited about our practices here in the other sunny state, and in the same county as you. We finally got updates on the coming year in our district, whose constituents have been at the top of the charts for infection since day one due to working and living conditions. Teachers not required to vax and I can think of at least five who probably haven't (funny, they're always out anyway on stress or sinus or psychosis...). Masks required indoors only, which is whatever but on the playground those kids are always loud and in each others' faces. Which is entertaining and a large
  12. Thanks Eye, I'm glad to share info and glad you enjoyed your visit! To continue the story while we're up-- I tested negative six days after positive, both confirmed legit with followup email etc. While driving up to join my family camping at Patricks Point on the Humboldt coast, I couldn't help thinking, "yeah, Fuck Solvang!"... but yes it's a charming town in the middle of some of my favorite California oaks and grass. To our health!
  13. I don't know if that was part of our tests. I do know that strict adherence to prior guidelines on most of our parts (the one who got it is an essential worker who did his best but has multiple contacts in his work) makes it very unlikely. We intend to continue/restart masking and distancing, although it was a nice break from masking for a while.
  14. All immediate family members and associates were tested; I should have said as much. Thanks, though.
  15. It quite apparently reduced the effects of the virus and prevented its spread to immediate family members (who were also vaxxed). No surprise claimed, just a firsthand account of current and relevant experience.
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