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  1. Hey @bcardarella, not sure about any Seascape 24 specific events out there, but as previously mentioned, there may be some handicap circles at Key West, or at Charleston RW. The Boston/Marblehead Viper fleet is in the process of migrating to Sarasota and Miami for the winter for ~4 events... Next year it would be cool to get you out in the boats a bit
  2. That sounds a lot more fun than a J70 . I think in 15kts in a 70 you're in wing and wing mode still... bcardarella, definitely don't hesitate to reach out to the Marblehead Viper fleet if you want to kick the tires anytime this summer (we're always open for going out sailing/racing with new folks), we have boats of almost all vintages in the fleet also: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Marblehead.Viper.Racing
  3. If you are interested in quality one design racing, with an active fleet right next door, and a boat that is very easy to deal with, fun to sail, and affordable (definitely you can build a fleet with your price range), I definitely think we should talk about the Viper 640. We have a passionate and active fleet in Marblehead of 10 boats, with most of us living in and around Boston. We sail one design every Saturday in Marblehead MRA's and actively campaign our boats all over the place. With a super active fleet in the Northeast we find ourselves packing the boats up and travelling for multip
  4. Hi Mr Admiral, For sure you should touch base with the crew at Community Boating, that's where it all starts. Every Sunday morning at 9:30 from here to the end of the year we race CC Mercuries--you should come down and race with us--the fleet is good! Typically during the summer, we also race faster boats on Monday evenings after work (lasers/420's). These are the training boats for many other fleets. A few of us own Vipers and very actively race and campaign them (10 boats in Marblehead), we're just coming back from an amazing weekend up on Lake Champlain, where 7 of the Marblehead V
  5. It'll be cool seeing Vipers and VX's on the same course. For a fleeting moment last weekend we were overlapped on a downwind in Newport, it was fun!
  6. Ah that would explain things. Although, the VX mast is probably a bit lighter, so you might be able to get it vertical in the same manner and then shotgun it up and over the foredeck into the slot.
  7. I routinely step the mast on my Viper by myself by simply laying it down in the cockpit (lengthwise) and then walking it to vertical, pivoting the base on the foredeck overhang (I put a pfd underneath to protect the mast & deck). Once vertical I shift it into the mast step and then secure the mast vertical with the 'mast puller' line. At this point, with everything in the partners I walk around the boat and attach all the stays. It should be possible to do the same in the VX right? I've done this in decent breeze as well, just make sure you're head to wind. This may be tougher to do i
  8. Heck--Viper heaven this weekend..30+ boats at two locations this week, HPDO and NA's...
  9. ridethewinds, I definitely wouldn't call the VXOne a 'disruptive' technology by any stretch. It's clearly an 'evolutionary' development.
  10. True, its just always a shame to see manufacturing and jobs leave the US. Yea--although a bright spot in that regard might be the Viper. The shop in Peabody, MA has been busy for the last year making them.
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