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  1. I not sure if this has been already posted. On his way home, Boris did several live TV interviews in his Car, using the same equipment as during the Vendee onboard SeaEx. He really did not leave any chance to get media exposure. Since he is already preparing the next vendee, using the current media interest to generate new or secure his sponsorship is crucial.
  2. Wasn't that bad after all - considering the mainstream audience. Trivia: Boris won the Goal wall shooting ("Torwandschießen"). Result: sailing: 2, football: 1. Here is the Link, hope it is not geo-blocked.
  3. Just watched the finish video of Jeremy and Romain. Pretty nice conditions compared to the earlier finishers. Daylight, flat seas, good breeze, making good speeds to the finish line... My congrats to both of them for a successful vendee.
  4. Article on yacht.de is probably the most up2date information regarding the topic. He retracts the statement that the trawler did not have AIS. Most likely he was sleeping and missed the alarms.
  5. Currently Testimony against testimony. Ist is possible to prove wether AIS was active or not? One way or the other?
  6. And in the meantime, while the Thread is sleeping (or should work ;-)), Benjamin Dutreux has arrived! "This Friday, January 29, at 09:05:05 and 20 seconds UTC, Benjamin Dutreux crossed the finish line off Les Sables d'Olonne after 81 days, 19 hours, 45 minutes and 20 seconds of racing around the world solo nonstop and without assistance. The skipper of OMIA- Water Family, whose first Vendée Globe it was, finished 9th after leading the race and staying in the main peloton most of the race often alongside Jean Le Cam and Damien Seguin. At 30, armed with a 2007 generation boat which finished
  7. Let's not forget Maxime and Armel - looks quite nasty.
  8. You mean for us mere mortal "multi million dollar" dumb suckers? Who else could afford a vendee globe campaign or even class40 without proper sponsorship? I think the best athletes - backed by professional racing teams, are are the most fair ticket to the vendee - rather than just beeing a rich dude. The vendee globe somehow manages to balance them all - professional racing teams, rich dudes (Heerema) and projects in there for the adventure with a low to medium budget.
  9. Congratulations to Yannick, what a race! Great pictures from his arrival.
  10. Boris has this OSCAR system installed and linked to his autopilot. Obviously it has not prevented this collision.
  11. Absolutely devastating new. Let's hope nobody is injured. By any means, bring it home, Boris!
  12. True? Charlie wo lights, Louis has no AIS. Quite scary, considering Charlies route near Finisterre.
  13. Looks like the wind is dropping quite a bit and is turning south... Otherwise we can't complain - he has been really sending it and pushing the boat hard over the day. Might be the fuckup earlier in the morning might cost him dearly.
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