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  1. He shure has blown me away,100+ miles lost 100 miles gained and got your competition looking at your stern all in a day's sailing.That is balls of steel.
  2. Last i looked he was doing 7k and suddenly now doing 15k the wrong direction,his last video at Cape Horn all was well.
  3. The leader has come to a halt and lost half of his lead.Anyone has any news??Ok now he's doing 15 knots and headed SE 122 for the exclusion zone.
  4. Prob have to wait a bit for conformation,but certainly wrong course and slow speed.
  5. Charal headed north at slow speed?
  6. Well we don't know but it's supposed to flip up for that very reason,oh god don't tell me there is is another engineering fuckup.
  7. So he had plates cloth epoxy and all sorts of spares,but no spare rudder blade.Are you a Tycoon a Pusscoon or a NITWIT.Hello Hello Alex did you bring a spare blade or did you leave that in preference of both foils and a mast.
  8. I saw Tompson doing 20 toward the rescue scene,i wonder why he could'nt go into CT and repair and then hook up with Charal,or is the rudder problem a smoke screen?
  9. Na i like the sharks at the back snapping,but it looks like they boiled the fins in a soup lol!
  10. Well there was a point where a torn sail a jammed halyard would give those fuckers out front something to think about.I take nothing away from their getaway of the confused St Helena high's, but that was position and luck of the moment.I hate to see this race defined by what happen'ed south of the Equator and now it's lost more interest with the rescue unless they have probs too..
  11. Glad he is safe.But this has really fucked up this race,now the leaders can fuck off reef down and chill out.
  12. Should something go wrong for the leader we'd have one hell of a boat race to watch.
  13. The breakage is an engineering failure plain and simple.The boat has had no collision
  14. This damage had to have happen'd north of the equator,sinse he came into the south Atlantic it has been a joy ride.Furthermore no repair he can do will bring that frame back to it's original strength let alone where he's planning to go and what he's planning to do.
  15. This BS removes alot of interest in this race for me.My only other thing would be how long Le Cam can piss these guys off before the foils kick in and dust him off the map.
  16. The Tug


    You need to win in order to celebrate with a bottle of rum,that you are not going to do against multi million dollar canting keeled carbon boats sailed by pro sailors.The last gang were the boys from Trinidad in a Kerr called Dingo who won class in Antigua maybe 2yrs ago,they tossed in the towel.The only regatta left of those mentioned is Antigua which was consider'd a competitive event but low on the fun list.Every regatta in the southern islands is now dead caput finito with the exception of Grenada which has a low turnout.I live here and have raced them all won plenty and drank a barrel of
  17. The Tug


    Yup that in itself has killed racing in the islands.You need to show up with a 3 million lump of carbon and a pro crew or forget it.Gone are the glory days of Antigua Tobago PSV witsun week St Vincent of the 70-80,big fleets "nuff nuff" fun and rum
  18. The Tug


    Powerplay have Argo by the balls now 10miles to go.Is this the old blue Consise?
  19. The Tug


    Why is Powerplay giving Argo time,thought they were level.That battle almost looks fake knowing the record is out the window from the gun,3 days of match racing.
  20. These multihull guys out front have been banging on each other for three days,it's almost to a point where they look like they might be putting on a show knowing the record is out of reach from the start.
  21. What is the deal with Powerplay handing time to the other Mod 70's,thought Argos and her were level and the Italians paying for the foils.
  22. I see no access to a head down below,when you've had enough to drink you just flip your dick and piss off the side.
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