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  1. Big bayou canot, anchored a couple nights there bringing the bene around from st Augustine to TN. Beautiful spot, lots of gators, a little eerie though.
  2. I've had those louisiana erstas's many times, they're great. Don's, acme, pairains, etc, really good seafood in cajun country.
  3. I like them most any way they're served. Raw with a splash of crystal hot sauce, no cracker is my favorite. Back in the 80's, apalachian selects were tough to beat. Home made oyster stew is killer and if you like them fried, saltine cracker crumbs and hot oil is all you need. Get a sack of oysters, a couple dozen blue crabs, cold beer and few friends - that's the way to spend a Saturday.
  4. Keys - a little windy down here the last couple of days
  5. Nor a bad little tender...about 3 miles off, passing Daytona Beach
  6. I'm sure some of my marina buddies will be filming the launch, If I go for a swim I'll post them.
  7. That's the beauty of building it from scratch, if it's "tender". it's easy to drop the seat risers. They aren't as high as they appear. Shoving off from St Augustine soon, taking the Bene to Tennessee the pram will get some use.
  8. Building a tender from plans from a 1950s magazine
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