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  1. Oh. Cool. The class has you in two 1/2s, one of which was DNC. What kind of events are you doing with it? What's next?
  2. Man what a legal mess that's going to be getting that all sorted out. It is important to note that fed law still says no, so regardless of state laws, don't get caught by the coasties or any other federal agency having too much fun aboard. Also of mention is that they just went up from like a 4 panel to a 7 panel screening, at least in my consortium, to add opiates, heroin, and some prescrip pills. I'm not sure if that was nationwide or just my consort though.
  3. Nah. Doesn't take ages. Takes 360 days of sea service and an 11 day class. Also the 'extra nonsense' bit is laughable at best....coasties hardly require anything compared to stcw reqs.
  4. they must still be requiring it for new licenses then, but not required after, although a lot of companies are still requiring it. it's pretty easy to get...you go to the outside contractor and they take a photo and some fingerprints then off it goes to the TSA. Nowadays they mail them to you. I just renewed mine last Monday and it arrived in the mail this monday. Not sure if it's as fast for a new one or not.
  5. Got her, she's in Maine now laid up.
  6. Another fun fact...save everyfuckingthing. The coast guard will be collecting a file on you, but they refuse to open it. Every upgrade, every renewal, every issue...you will have to resubmit all the same certificates, seatime letters, and records that you already submitted the last 10 times. Oh and if you call the REC and don't like the answer they give you, hang up and call back for a different one.
  7. Getting a license really isn't that hard, especially if you're just after a small (<100t) or OUPV (6 pack.) Size of license at that level is depicted by your sea time. It would really help to know where you are but, at least east coast i'd say MPT in Lauderdale, Downeast in South Carolina, Chesapeake Marine Training or Mid Atlantic Maritime in Virginia, or downeast maritime in Maine. There are, as others mentioned, places you can do it online, but I don't think they administer the tests...i think you still have to go to the REC if you take it online. I may have that wrong, I didn't take
  8. Wichard...was wondering where that was. I appreciate the heads up but I can't afford anything that says "Annapolis" on the stern. GLWS Hey how come you guys never raced it?
  9. Any leads on ownership? I have confirmed that she is still there, but they don't exactly hand out owner contact info...Anybody on base that can ask around without breaking protocol?
  10. Still plugging away at this, and still looking for more information as people spot them. Gary Smith has passed away. Addiction, previously rumored to be in Bermuda, was indeed and had met an ill fate on a reef during a hurricane. What is left of her is now in Maine alongside the others and may see the line again. Also, the mythical 13th is (soft) confirmed and believed to be in FL. Feel free to post or PM me with more info and, if you happen to have one (or three) for sale, I happen to know a guy interested.
  11. Yeah...sad boat is sad. They said the keel damage was done with a travel lift while moving it around the yard.
  12. yeah....I've looked at that a couple times but I can't afford proto...looking for a classe boat. Thanks for looking out for me though!
  13. Interested in this and getting into Mini sailing.
  14. Of course! I've raced on Cat's Paw and they are a ton of fun.
  15. Fearless, hull 10, was purchased by her current owner in 1999. She is still called Fearless and was last racing out of Maine. She is currently laid up as her owner has gone cruising.
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