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  1. that insipid song comes to mind - You ain't seen nothin yet. At least we know it will peak anytime now according to the FN/BG report.
  2. Cool - time to interject that famous Pull Yourself Up by your Bootstraps nonsense. Being a Libertarian has the advantage of nothing ever being your responsibility since you don't vote for them.
  3. You lost me right after "I thought". It's your opinion, not fact. I know lots of liberals why attend church and try to live by his teachings. Can't help that you don't know any. As to your too many people comment - no, we have had a decades long program to enrich the wealthy and let the poor do the best they can. It doesn't have to be that way nor should it. Compassion and understanding seem to be foreign concepts to you. Again, I have no idea why you always reply to me nor why I bother trying to explain anything to you. You're just too damn smart.
  4. Shelter? Food? Healthcare? If people here actually knew and followed the teachings of Jesus our society would be much better off. I remember as a kid the stories about how the Eskimos would put the old folks on ice floes and let them go and how we would never allow that to happen here. "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" Those that need the most help tend to be the most unlikeable and undeserving so just fuk em. Shoulda made better decisions. You made your (lack of) bed so lie in it. I could go on.
  5. Then why do you keep trying to stir the pot with your little spoon? 2nd thread on an election that doesn't happen for 3.5 years from now. That's rhetorical, we know why you are here.
  6. This is just oh so wrong, but oh well ICU Jerknoff
  7. During the years I was professional musician would get stuck at times with a guitar player with good chops who insisted on playing all of them all of the time, couldn't understand why the rest of us didn't appreciate him. That's you. At least those guys didn't whine about it.
  8. Fighting fascism isn't the same as swinging your dick around. You would be much more effective and convincing if you learned that.
  9. Well done expose, thanks for posting LeoV. I can't even wrap my head around just how fucked up these people are. Perhaps they just can't stand the sight of blood so crossed off serial killer as a career choice.
  10. You have a tremendous selective memory, my intense dislike of you is based on who you are and how you treat people. I could go on and keep triggering you until you implode and get flicked yet again but I have better things to do. I neither lie nor fib nor bullshit, it's a quality you should strive for. Buh Bye.
  11. Best part? You can fuck all your friends and relatives and vendor and partners to build your 6k sq ft house in the nice gated community, file bankruptcy and tell everyone to go pound sand. Feel free to ask me how I know this. As to rights? I submit my sig line for anyone that cares.
  12. From my experience and my one physics class it's that at very low speeds the wind loses the ability to follow the curve- so lift is reduced. Easier to maintain a flow in a straight line. Someone with a better background could explain in more detail.
  13. I really wish people would just put el mierdo on ignore and stop quoting him. As a troll he is pathetic, trite and boring. Congress will get TFG's tax returns as they should. It's not going to end well.
  14. Just stop defending your friend. He got flicked because he would find out anything he could and make the attacks personal. That's why I didn't respond to his pathetic pm's. This is Political Anarchy not personal attack anarchy. You are better than this or at least I thought so. So prove it.
  15. Nothing to think about, I was here and back then almost every day. I know both these guys and it's not hard to figure out who is the bullshitting asshole.
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