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  1. You've chosen to ignore content by Sea warrior. Options You've chosen to ignore content by Sea warrior. Options
  2. I down voted a couple of his posts so he decided to d/v the 25 max a day for several weeks. I reported it as stalking since my posts were all over the forum and he still whines about it to this day. Note - I did respond by d/ving him for a couple of days until I sobered up and realized how juvenile & infantile that was and stopped. Have had him on ignore ever since since he is only here for the attention and shit spewing.
  3. Not sure why you guys keep responding to SeeWorm and then quoting him. I would recommend NEVER down voting him. Ever. Snowflake alert.
  4. Williamson County - just up I35 from Austin, Georgetown often voted prettiest town in Texas. Years ago a huge Sun City development was started so it's mostly older and very red folks that live there. It's a world away from Austin. Most suburbs in Texas are red, thanks to Sin er Sun City this one is more so.
  5. Not to mention that the flu which is also an aerosol spread virus was almost non-existent this year. That people were wearing masks is one hell of a coincidence.
  6. Can't judge a book by it's cover nor a person by their color. Many a person is making that mistake with Stacy Abrams, I also feel sorry for the fools who get chewed up and spit out for trying. Almost.
  7. I promise to never peek at shit4brains posts again since he can't follow simple logic or facts. words mean things.
  8. At the risk of admitting I looked at shirfurbrains post neither Dr. Fauci nor I said that asymptomatic spread was a driving factor, what he said and I repeated was this was a phenomenon that had never been seen before. Did it contribute? Absolutely compounded with the fact the US had crap for testing having refused existing tests to be "America First" with the first (late to the game) tests being defective. It never ends.
  9. Over the years there have been some excellent conservative posters here - they left because of the noise level, bringing BB back won't help that.
  10. In the USA it is currently 18% and increasing all the time.
  11. I seriously doubt that Tesla single sources the battery materials so don't really get the hate here, and just for fun we could post some of the coal and oil stuff including pollution. EVs aren't in my immediate future although the SO may be soon. Something I read a few months back - Tesla reliability and longevity has studies being done to be able to buy a new body instead of a new car, this being done on vehicles with 400 to 500k miles on them. Change is hard for some people. as Eva Dent
  12. Disagree, he got into a spat with Meli/Kate and created this sock. Will be happy to be proven wrong. Meanwhile, would like to know which asshole BE is. I really don't get the "create a sock for a forum" thing. Of course I don't get socks anyway.
  13. According to Dr. Fauci one of the biggest things learned about this virus was asymptomatic people were spreading it - either before showing symptoms or never having them. This had never happened before and naturally Mikey aka Kateshithisbrains can't seem to ever learn anything new or useful. Can't fix stupid and can't shut the asshole up and for some reason Scot won't flick him. Don't be like Mikey
  14. In urban Texas areas we are (mostly) wearing masks, my guess would be 90% or more. I suppose it's because we can remember what was happening not that long ago and don't want to see it again. Unlike Kateshithisbrains I have real world experience and don't wear socks. Mikey, just stfu.
  15. Cops carry batons and are (or should be) trained to use them. Who amongst us couldn't knock a steak knife out of a teenage girls hand with one? break her arm? It will heal. Don't have to be Chuck Norris for that.
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