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  1. When the NYTimes can't be trusted and OAN isn't biased? Thy name is Libertarian.
  2. Coach O goes out a hero, for tonight at least. 2nd Gouv's post - a lot of very entertaining games.
  3. Being a returd is a tough gig. Good thing you are such a tough typer. Try to get something for that butthurt thing.
  4. Geez, someone is Uber Grumpy. I have reported a couple of people over the years, you weren't on that very short list so don't flatter yourself ya dumpy fuker. The reports I made were for very obvious violations, I have never found you to be anything more than a Dopey Grumpy Dwarf. Have a Nice Day!
  5. Don't be so Grumpy... oh, wait, nevermind.
  6. When you find yourself nailing jello it's because of your choice of building materials. as Eva dent
  7. Yes you did. It will be necessary for you to come here and make me Major Butthurt. Would you like me to order you a Mampon?
  8. For malaria, uh, sure - it's been the thing for a long time. Got anything else Major Butthurt?
  9. I must surmise that Sol seriously chapped our widdle chummer so now Major Butthurt has one insult to use. It's like he is 12. Could be age or IQ.
  10. Step 1 - from your previous post how about something more than comparing the thousands of black shootings to the few white stoopid people? Seriously. Step 2 - there is none. horse is out of the barn, the proliferation of guns makes it impossible to deal with and people are still buying them as fast as they can. People are afraid and having a gun gives courage - Rittenhouse would have never gone to Kenosha without trying to be Rambo. My guns are put up for that reason. Step 3 - just prepare for more of the same, we're fucked. Be polite while driving, just smile and wave at the ass
  11. Moral: Don't let your mouth write a check your ass can't cash. There are no winners, the shooter will likely walk but his life will never be the same. At least no fist fighting - an armed society is a polite society.
  12. BWAHHAAAAHHHAAAHHAAA Fucking snort and keyboard spraying. Oh do tell us more.
  13. That fits with the 20x number I have seen. It still sucks that over 80 million freedom loving mask eschewing assholes are doing their best to keep it going while "doing their own research". Yesterday was nice, 10 for Tday dinner and visit, all vaxxed and boosted. Discussion was all friends and family stuff.
  14. chumass - repeating that quote about covid deaths? That's your idea of a contribution? When the people who are dying are against getting vaccinated inspite of what the government has done? That's about as stupid as whining about the markets crashing on bad news of the day. 50k when it's off 900? Yeah, buying that bridge was prolly a bad idea JT
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