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  1. My C&C 115 is 16 years old and is painted with Black Awlgrip. Other than the normal dock scratches and dings, it looks great. I wash the hull twice a year in the Fall and Spring with Awl Wash, and in the spring I apply Awl Care.
  2. We rarely cruise so no need for the hot water heater. The water tends to smell when we do run the hot water. Is there any reason not to disconnect the intake hose to the heater? Anything else to turn off?
  3. What is the best program to use for beer can PHRF races? Just want to keep it simple and easy to use. Thanks
  4. Let me know what you need, perhaps I can help.
  5. DFG

    C&C 115

    I have had my 115 since 2005. It is a good, solid boat that I would recommend. We use it mostly for racing, but have cruised with it also. The boat can compete with other boats in its ratings band very nicely. I have found it requires 6 to sail competitively, as you need a good bowman, mastman, two trimmers, main trimmer, and skipper. Having a good mainsheet trimmer is the key to making the boat go. We only fly asym spinnakers and can either tack it to the bow, if shorthanded, or use a pole. It is not a good boat if you want to double hand, as the large wheel makes it difficult to move
  6. Couldn't agree more with RobbieB. Spin sets and gybes were such a cool part of the whole experience.
  7. Ultraman, I think you hit it on the head concerning the plusses and minuses of the Code.
  8. Thanks for the input. Seems like you all have had good experience with the Trogear. Given the limited conditions when you can use the Code, is it worth the -6 to -9 second hit to my PHRF rating that I would get?
  9. DFG


    I have had numerous freezes done on my face. At my last visit the doctor recommended that I use Neutrogena 100 SPF. I had been using 50 SPF for the last few years, but he said the 100 lasts longer, and while racing, who has time to reapply?
  10. I am looking to add a bowsprit to my C&C 115 in order to fly a Code Zero. I have looked at two alternatives - the Trogear Bow Sprit and the Selden tube. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for which is more effective and simpler to use. We regularly use a spin pole with our assymentric sails, so the sprit would mostly be used for the Code Zero,.
  11. DFG

    Old Cordage

    Thanks guys for the suggestions. I put the old lines in a box with the FREE sign on it and took it down to the slips where the local watermen dock their boats. All of the lines were taken by the end of the day.
  12. DFG

    Old Cordage

    I have a 38' sailboat that is 15 years old. A couple of years ago I started to annually replace a couple of lines on the boat, as we race pretty extensively. Consequently, I have a box full of old dock lines, jib sheets, tack lines etc. None are perfect, but not so bad you would just throw away. What do I do with these?
  13. Trying to finish a WNR before the storm on the Miles RIver.
  14. I typically just put the trickle chargers on and leave them for the winter. No?
  15. DFG


    The floors are veneered. They have the original finish, or what's left of it, still on.
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