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  1. DFG

    New Ports

    I don't know what the current ports are made of. The boat is a C&C 115 and the ports are fixed. Curious about best material to replace them with as the current ones have fogged up and look like sh__.
  2. DFG

    New Ports

    We are planning on replacing our side ports this winter. There seem to be so many types of materials out there, is there one that you have used that is most appropriate for sailboats?
  3. Caecilian, Yes, I have done a fair amount of racing, and I am well aware of "de-pigging" of the boat. The issue of water/fuel tank balancing was something I wondered about.
  4. We're doing a short distance race next weekend (30 miles). I have often wondered whether it is worth moving my anchor out of the bow to someplace else on the boat. Also, I need a 1/2+ tank of fuel to get to the race and to return, so should I fill the water tank (opposite from the fuel tank), or leave it near empty for weight savings? Is having the weight balanced important with the tanks? The boat is a C&C 115.
  5. Where is Comanche these days? She didn't race in the Fastnet race, so what is the current owner doing with her?
  6. DFG

    Raw Water Issue

    Problem solved. Loose belt on water pump.
  7. DFG

    Raw Water Issue

    Engine is16 years old and we have sailed exclusively in the Chesapeake Bay, mostly brackish water.
  8. My Yanmar engine starts every time, and it starts shooting out water right away. In the last week or so, it doesn't discharge water unless I rev up the engine, and then it is fine. What has caused this to change?
  9. My C&C 115 is 16 years old and is painted with Black Awlgrip. Other than the normal dock scratches and dings, it looks great. I wash the hull twice a year in the Fall and Spring with Awl Wash, and in the spring I apply Awl Care.
  10. We rarely cruise so no need for the hot water heater. The water tends to smell when we do run the hot water. Is there any reason not to disconnect the intake hose to the heater? Anything else to turn off?
  11. What is the best program to use for beer can PHRF races? Just want to keep it simple and easy to use. Thanks
  12. Let me know what you need, perhaps I can help.
  13. DFG

    C&C 115

    I have had my 115 since 2005. It is a good, solid boat that I would recommend. We use it mostly for racing, but have cruised with it also. The boat can compete with other boats in its ratings band very nicely. I have found it requires 6 to sail competitively, as you need a good bowman, mastman, two trimmers, main trimmer, and skipper. Having a good mainsheet trimmer is the key to making the boat go. We only fly asym spinnakers and can either tack it to the bow, if shorthanded, or use a pole. It is not a good boat if you want to double hand, as the large wheel makes it difficult to move
  14. Couldn't agree more with RobbieB. Spin sets and gybes were such a cool part of the whole experience.
  15. Ultraman, I think you hit it on the head concerning the plusses and minuses of the Code.
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