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  1. I heard Anarchy almost got corn-holed by Pyewacket on the way back into the bay.
  2. What was the story about the two boats that locked rigs down by Seaport Village. Last I saw, one mast was folded in half and the boats were still locked up. Looked like a Catalina 34 and something else. Lots of Harbor Police and Coast Guard boats screaming down the bay to sort it all out.
  3. The front desk is very nice! Without an advance letter from one of the three aforementioned Clubs you will not see any more than the desk. I was there a couple months ago an they couldn't find my card in their stack (prepared by them when they get the letter). I showed them my YC card and no good. 20 seconds later she found the card and we were all good. Awesome Dark & Stormies in the Model Room soon followed.
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