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  1. For me - not at all. But I have thrown out the saloon table, which included the hot water calorifier, and most non-sailing friends now believe it's too spartan for anything beyond a weekend . It became much better under sail (and on the docks after off-site races) now that I freed up space below for sails.
  2. I might be a bit "extreme" in my judgement, the owners of them locally seem to love them in spite of the things I've mentioned. But I don't think I'm too far off from an objective standpoint. Keep in mind there's a lot of wet surface without heel on them. Also make sure that the boat has a deep keel and not a shallow one (one of my friends upgraded to the deeper keel; he told me he was free to all the upgrades which wasn't visible for his wife - I think she spotted his new rod rigging though). This is essential I think. Anyway, reiterating my point about comfort; I feel the elan's is
  3. The one on the stormy ship thread is a Elan S5 (39-40 ft). Very different boat. Have sailed on both S4 and S5. Both was very performance optimized by the owners and "empty" for weight. The S4 is, as people have mentioned, a bit too heavy. Fun'ish off the wind in a big breeze, but there are better boats out there. It takes quite a bit before the hull lifts out of the water. Not fun at all up wind. I know a few owners who have thrown out doors, ceiling, flooring etc to get it to perform. If you buy one, let me know, and I can connect you with people who have spent years optimising them.
  4. I was thinking a single hole in my post, but fix the anti chafe myself with a G10 tube. Dogbone on the inside. However, I think I like Zonkers solution better. Two holes on each side and a tube through them, I guess just as your picture show. As he pointed out, no metal parts that doesn't survive time (dogbone). Think I'll do it like that instead.
  5. I'm planning to install the same on a 40 ft in a week or two. Beyond strengthening the area; I have ordered a few G10 tubes. The plan is to drill a hole in the bow, insert the tube with some glue. Cut the tube off inside and outside the boat, make inside corners smooth, then use gelcoat paste to make it also look smooth and protecting the hull from water. I have a 20mm dia SS rod from another project that I'm planning to use part of as a dogbone (might machine it down a bit, not sure), and dyneema on that. A U-bolt is probably easier to install, but I figured I needed a project like the o
  6. Realising this is probably a shocker for those who knew her here; she passed away in the beginning of March last year. Fair winds. I figured after a bit of thinking it's best to mention this even though I do not know any of the details or even knew her beyond a few hellos at the docks.
  7. Wondering about any damages beyond scratches and bruises from the escape.
  8. The cargo below that shifted is large thrusters. Given the heel, guessing they are meant for bigger boats than the one carrying them ...
  9. While I have seen Soma many times here on the forum, and not given it much thought, I just realised I've probably seen Soma first hand. Took this picture in april 2014 outside Nanny Cay, while briefly cruising through BVI on a 52' alu mono. Sorry for the hipster filter, was new to instagram and all.
  10. I have one built in 2015, flat keel (deeper and flatter than standard), carbon stick, factory built bowsprit using assym kites. Uses it mostly for shorthanded racing in coastals. Love it.
  11. I'm also up in Scandinavia where I know many yachts do this pay to play scheme. Have been crew on one or two for some seasons in the past as well where I coined up. But if I ever where to do it on my current boat (which is probably among the most expensive/well kept boats in the fleet), I don't think all of the regular crew/friends I want to sail with would have sailed on that boat with me. Some of them have their own boats which I guest as well, same deal. Some, depending on their economy, I even pay for travel/beers/food if I get the feeling they are cash strapped. I have even coined up
  12. Thank you so much for this! I see that SUI15 is signed up for Silverrudder, so I guess I'll see you there.
  13. I stripped my boat for all the running rigging yesterday, and don't have any pictures of it. But launching the boat in a week from now, and will make sure to take pictures then, if no-one beats me to it. Already have some ideas of some minor modifications, but will spend a bit time on the water before doing any of it as this will be my first season as well. Also interested in any rig tuning or tension setting ideas, by the way.
  14. I will for sure! I have really appreciated all the material generated by people sailing it the past years although I never had the intention to get one. Thanks, I would have been too. Thanks! Thanks, already looked into it. Bohus race have been a long dream to do, but never worked out with time, so will do that one for sure. Skagen down hill seems interesting as there's another racing ending in Skagen the weekend before. Would have been easier to attend more if I also had a trailer to move it around - which I don't . Better to get miles while delivering on water rath
  15. I've been following this thread not long after it appeared, and I've often thought that it would be a damn nice boat to own. It's been one of those boats that I've always noticed at the docks - drooling after a little extra compared to the other boats. In 2013 I raced against one (hull #5 I think) in the 27ft long 70's cruiser I had at the time. I came in 3rd on handicap (2nd on the line), while the SSC27 was right behind me but came last on handicap. Mighty fine boat I thought, while it finally was able to plane for the first time that day - passing by fairly quickly on it's way home. Ear
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