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  1. looks like the front fell off.....
  2. get rid of say a sydney 38 and learn how to hike again....say a finn...lol you can have a go in mine next time your in brisvegas
  3. i heard its getting a twin skin main shorter rig and lifting foils this time...... but that could just be the rum talking
  4. if they had of got the mould ratified they wouldnt be in this situation and no one would be jumping up and down
  5. maybe that was his next gig? lets face it 20 bucks is 20 bucks.....
  6. neither chris or myself were available for that night. the other hemsworth was but lets face it, no one wants him.....
  7. this is what caused the problem... She said the nurse's sister was infected with the same genome. "Then there are a further five cases that I've been informed of overnight linked to that nurse or her sister. So, they're all linked cases, and they all attended a party together down in Byron Bay," she said.
  8. you sir are a wanker. jump to another bullshit conclusion
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