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  1. you can get a better idea of it from a couple of Leo's video on the Tally Ho..
  2. He's the ignore monster!!!
  3. gettin moved into a new house, finally a solid enough floor to actually make use of my turntable without having to tiptoe around the living room. have been revelling in the vinyl collection for a few hours this evening and just finished spinnin' this little gem. also in the stack tonight was Sergia Mendez, Glen Campbell, Frank Sinatra, Al Hirt, Herbie Mann and Marshall Tucker Band.
  4. that's one of the prettiest public golf courses I've ever played...
  5. ok, now you're hittin a little too close to home!!!
  6. so what you're saying is, If you add more crap to your coffee you can probably get to 100% charged?
  7. I wonder if they'll put him in a big dehydrator and try to rehydrate him later
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