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  1. the hell you say!? what if they got a note from Epsteins mother?
  2. check's in the mail!!! but you'll have to pay the postage!!
  3. couldn't find the old thread so ...... I don't have to the time to pursue this, so one of y'all can have it Bryant Morgan <A10089inspection_unit@hotmail.com> Mon 4/19/2021 10:28 Administrative Service Inspection Garrison West Point 646 Swift Road West Point, GA 30043 Bryant Morgan Inspection Unit Contact Phone: +1(314)-(635)-(8369) Email Address: usinspection0006@gmail.com I am Mr. Bryant Morgan,
  4. yeah, but who wears padding to a gang rape?
  5. this is rather interesting .... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fatal_accidents_in_sailboat_racing
  6. There have, however, been some on boats delivering back to the states the delivery crews don't have to subscribe to the same levels of training
  7. never put my boots on... sad really. but I knew 3 of the people up in Eagle County that died due to Covid... and felt pretty safe in my living room. My WWII, Korea, and Vietnam surviving Dad could never stress to me enough the value of "Discretion is the better part of valor". Maybe I would have gone out if I'd rec'd the jab early enough. I'm still waiting for my antibodies to fully weaponize....
  8. he knows of which he speaks.. alderwood is excellent for smoking. it's great by itself or mixed in with other woods.. I use alder/apple blend for venison. Alder/hickory for pork if I wanna cut down the impact of the hickory a little bit. it's really good for poultry and water fowl.
  9. while I maintain "ignore-ance" of the video, given the source, it's probably aussie rules, or rugby or soccer
  10. One would think the contents should exist on a backup somewhere... ffs at least save the Page Toppers!!! And all those pics of that curvy ass ferry boat... and the cars, can't forget the cars.. and the surfshops .... awww fuck.
  11. unfortunately they wont allow us to ignore that video in this country!
  12. I dont care about any of that, I want the top of my 500SL to go up and down. those hydraulics don't work for shit. LOL
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