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  1. Heh Bottman. Kinda getting sick of you bashing Jason. You are making a mountain out of nothing - not even a mole hill. Sure you had a lot of bad luck. There is no agenda here from Jason and a heap of real world practical advice from many experienced multihull guys on the forum. So get on with it and finish the boat. Maybe take some advice from others that have knowledge. Stop banging on about what Cruisey said or wrote. Your original comments included renting the boat. So that's where a lot of the real world advice (facts) came from. Let go of your aggressive agenda.........just get back to th
  2. I have no beef whatever Bottman wants to do with his boat. But he made this comment when explaining why he was keeping the old pinhead sails. Not specifically about sharing expenses for a cruise to Hobart. In the context of a question about the availability of insurance, renting was mentioned as a factor. Crew throwing in towards costs is a completely different concept, and most appropriate. If he was able to get insurance for an old trimaran to be rented to disabled sailors, a lot of trimaran owners would be interested.
  3. Heh Bottman. If we're reading posts again, this what I said above. No way that says you called anyone a used car salesman. I was simply pondering the inference of your friend and their reported reference (by you) to the skills of a "second rate used car salesman". I found another quote on goodreads.com that in my opinion (i.e. what I think) applies to how Jason's very short comment has been taken. “He who takes offense when no offense is intended is a fool, and he who takes offense when offense is intended is a greater fool.” You never did answer my question about any experien
  4. Heh Tony (Bottman), It seems you have taken some offence where I suspect none was intended. Jason gave his opinion. Disagree - that's fine, but a disagreement does not mean there was sinister intent on the other party's part. It seems to me that the word "Bottom" - an English Dictionary word - is a spell checker correction to "Bottman" - which is a profile name you created - not in an English Dictionary. I also suspect Jason is an admirer of the boat, as are many of us, hence his video on the boat. After all, it did languish in Sydney for a long time. I wonder why anyone would infer Jason
  5. Renting? That opens the door to a whole heap of liability issues. What's the potential insurer's attitude to a boat taking people "for reward"? You obviously love the boat - as have I since long before I first stepped aboard in Hobart in 1988. But an insurer will be unemotional and look at risk and liability. I note in your offer you mentioned that word "The fee would include insurance for the race" ....race. Just curious if you've sailed in the Roaring Forties?
  6. I was not offered renewal terms on my 2009 trailable racing trimaran 12 months ago, despite no claims. Broker hunted around amongst other reputable insurance companies, and no go. (So it's in the shed). Trispirit is very experienced in operating an offshore trimaran and I suspect his motivation is to point out some potential difficulties in the proposed plan that may need considering. And I speak as one who has shadowed a Syd-Hobart fleet in a multihull.
  7. Just saw the bushsailor comment. You’re way off beam (pun intended). You need to understand the engineering in the X-beam to see why building a mast bulkhead with seats is not a feasible idea. This arrangement was proven in 4 Tasman crossings, many East coast cruising miles, and a summer cruise to Commonwealth Bay in Antarctica. The design allows for the “walking” of open bridge deck cats but retains immense strength. There are a series of wires set up geometrically to support the aluminium framework. She was dumped on by a cross sea in 10m waves in the southern ocean where she was covered but
  8. Cutloose was indeed built for Gary. Cruising fast with another couple I recall as the brief.
  9. No - Tusk is an early Grainger cat - from memory a Wild West 35 - may have been extended over time. But memory is old and Gary is sailing somehere in the vicinity of the Philippines - but I'll get the answer soon enough. And yes, I looked at Dux Nutts and bought a Multi 23. Made an offer on Dux Nutts but not accepted. Don't believe there has been any more recent 'refurbishment'. Could be proven wrong. When I looked about October last year she had spent a lot of time uncovered out in the sun on a trailer at RQYS. Been another summer since. Don't know how much attention she had over that tim
  10. Correct Nuddy. But in a shed and not used for a few years. I'm a grandpa now so I use the power cat for the family and the Multi 23 I just got I have started sailing to remember what wet fun is like. Then go home for a shower!
  11. Keith I think it must have been you. Trying to remember where? NZ?
  12. Overlay, I thought there was only one other boat built to the design of Deguello - it was called (from memory) What's Up Doc a long time ago. But I suspect it had a name change as I think I did go on board in the late 90's when a new owner had it. Time is dimming the details which may in fact be wrong. I don't recall a boat named Hippo, and didn't know Mike Mackenzie. Sorry. Regards Terry
  13. Deguello D#150 - Lock's own years ago but been with John Brierley for many years - is now for sale in Hobart. Had a heap of work done recently - new rig, motors etc. $270K.
  14. It's been modified a lot since Bullfrog days, and is in a somewhat sad condition.
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