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  1. What I’ve read is that with LEDs you need to put in a bulb the same color as the lens. Green bulb for starboard, red bulb for port. That way none of the light produced by the bulb is filtered by the lens. If you use a white LED it will wash out as you describe, so the green light will be kind of turquoise and the red light will be pink.
  2. Might want to watch for chafe at the eye splices - those padeye edges look a little sharp.
  3. Even Sunrise isn’t criticizing the OA for making that call, recognizing they had to make it based on forecasts and not some magical foreknowledge of what would actually eventually occur.
  4. Yeah, it should be up to the skippers whether they want to finish the race inside or not... https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/heavy-northeasterly-winds-rain-and-hail-forecast-for-coming-days.910668
  5. Hmm. Where does "whatever method" appear in the rulebook or race documents?
  6. If I recall the standard recommendation for a long bury is 72x but that's probably more than you need for a fairly low-load application like you're talking about. And as mentioned the brummel (which actually reduces strength) is just to keep it from opening up when not under load so the same thing can be accomplished with a proper stitching (if strength is important) or a stitched whipping at the throat (if you're not as worried about breaking strength). Even a fairly short long bury will almost certainly be stronger than a knot.
  7. Long bury eyes on the traveler car bails on both ends. No luggage tag or brummel needed. It's my understanding that brummel eyes are weaker than long bury eyes, but in any case strength isn't really an issue in this application. You can whip or stitch the bury to ensure the eye doesn't come undone.
  8. Integrated soft shackle on one or both ends would probably work: https://youtu.be/PnYfCxocZNk
  9. I think the relevant rule from 1996 would be 5.4(c), combined with the Race Committee Signals for shortening course (flag S) contained in then rule 4.1: I guess that language, by logical extension, would prevent the RC from shortening the course after a boat had finished the longer course. In 2009 they made that explicit. It is sad that so many old rulebooks have been lost to time. But thank goodness (again) for Paul Elvstrom - I've discovered that old editions of "PE Explains the RRS" can be found online, often at very cheap prices. Sometimes they even still have the plastic boat
  10. I don't think that does it, it only deals with conflicts between the NOR & SIs, not if either or both conflict with RRS.
  11. Possibly of interest, the language in rule 32 prohibiting shortening course after a boat has finished was added to RRS in the 2009-2012 rulebook, before that the rules were silent on that matter. That's probably after the Middle Sea alternative finish line SI was originally written. Might be interesting to see if the language of the SI has changed over the years. And, has the Valletta fairway buoy always been a mark of the course?
  12. If it wasn't completely clear whether you had to round the offset mark or not and nobody rounded it, would you prefer the race be abandoned or should it be considered a fair contest since everyone sailed the same (albeit "wrong") course? Maybe in such a case the RC should just score everyone NSC without a hearing?
  13. Firstly I'd say that when a PC is addressing a redress request due to an error or omission by the RC and trying to find a solution that is fairest for all boats, they should consider intent - what the RC/OA would like to have happened or what would have happened if the mistake had not been made. So if OA had put in the same alternative finish line concept they've used since forever, remembered to delete the Valletta buoy and (for the purists) invoked it as a change to RRS 32, there would be no error and the results would be what they currently are, would they not? That said, the sugg
  14. OK. So having made a defective contract, the OA has made an unfixable error. Only fair result is abandonment. Congratulations to Rambler for retaining her course record. Nice sailing Comanche, Sunrise and everyone else but you get no result. We good now?
  15. The club that runs our Thursday night Pop-Tops has a launch out taking video at marks, and they run it on the clubhouse TVs after the race. There's frequently an embarrassment factor there...
  16. I can see being worried about real time tracking on a distance race, but why worry about it on buoy races?
  17. No boat sailed it as the alternative line course description required it (round Valletta fairway buoy and then return and transit Comino strait east-to-west), but all boats sailed it the same way, and as the OA intended they should.
  18. And while you're at it, get your IJ certification and spend years building the experience and reputation necessary to get yourself invited to sit on an international jury for a top tier event...
  19. If switching to the alternative finish line had moved Sunrise from 2nd overall to 1st overall instead of the reverse, would they be making the same argument "on principle"? Or would they take the first overall banner and run with it? And for people (including the numerous IJs and rules experts supporting Sunrise) who insist that the SI is horribly written and obviously in error, where have you been for the several decades when that same SI has apparently been included?
  20. If there are procedures for navigating in poorly charted areas that weren't followed on Connecticut then yeah, Nav would be on the short list.
  21. CO, XO & COB relieved but nothing on navigator, officer of the deck or conning officer. Maybe they're not done yet but that seems odd.
  22. Same thing it says about everything: -6 if you're winning, +6 if you're losing...
  23. If you read the NOR the race record is based on "highest average speed over the particular course sailed" so it's really independent of course distance. Believe Comanche owns it no matter which line is used. In the event I think they made the award this year based on Comanche's average speed over the full course, probably to maintain continuity with previous records. I think her average speed would be slightly higher if they used the alternative line. For every boat that moves up a place using the alternative line there's another boat that loses a place and would rather keep the full cour
  24. I suppose they could have done that as redress for Sunrise. But then might well have had to hear a redress request from Comanche, who also worked hard for their overall victory. Unfortunately there's no way everyone walks out of the room happy.
  25. Could probably use just a regular block rather than a snatch block.
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