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  1. If you draw in a "corridor" from where P enters the zone to rounding the mark on the correct side and then sail the course, that's the room that P is entitled to. If she's sailing outside that corridor she has no mark-room protection and it's just port-starboard.
  2. Yeah, they need to get better commentary and some drones out. Hopefully for the weekend. Watching the racing yesterday, one thing that stood out was Taylor Canfield's ability to draw a penalty on his opponent before the start.
  3. Thanks to this incident in 2019, they're now putting standoff buoys about a boat length from the pier. Ranks as an obstruction and umpires can penalize if a boat goes into the restricted area. Anchored spectator boats are still fair game though... I agree, if you really like and know sailboat racing this is some of the most exciting action around. The skippers & crews are seriously good, in a game where being a good sailor matters.
  4. Agree with this. Some boats like a lot of twist in the main especially in light air. Travel most of the way up and adjust sheet tension & traveler position so bottom batten is in line with the backstay and top telltale is stalling on the leeward side of the sail much of the time. Also remember to ease outhaul to put some depth in.
  5. Perhaps don't tie anyone or anything to this, until the facts do. Regarding the non-release of the police report, seems to me that the fact that it's an ongoing investigation and that the privacy rights of the person who made the report should be respected, I'm not that surprised that it's not available for public release. Does anyone find it fishy that SA is the only outlet discussing this? It seems tailor-made for a viral blowup but doesn't seem to have any traction.
  6. That feels to me like a job for the cops, not coaches or sailing authorities. One would hope that law enforcement is on it, even if they're choosing not to publicly share details at this stage.
  7. Maybe convince them to try something different and see if it makes a difference? I think conventional wisdom for moderate air is boom right around centerline and get the top telltale stalling about 70% of the time. If you start getting too much heel or helm, some boats like traveler down and others like easing sheet and letting the top twist off a bit.
  8. TJSoCal

    Rule 55.3

    Yeah but I think that was a rule 49 discussion, torso outside the lifelines. As I recall 55 used to be about "outriggers".
  9. Depending on how complicated your control panel is you might be able to get a combination light/buzzer on Amazon to replace the current oil pressure light.
  10. But who put the boat in that dilemma? I do agree though, people shouldn't be too quick to throw around Rule 2 accusations.
  11. I think there are actually two rules at play here; Rule 44.1(b) says that if you break a rule, intentionally or not, and cause injury or serious damage, or gain an advantage after taking a turns penalty, the turns penalty is not available to you. You haven't taken an appropriate penalty for your breach, you should retire, you can be protested and DSQ'd (following a hearing). From the reading of several WS cases, if you intentionally break a rule or are aware you broke a rule and do not take an appropriate penalty, whether you gain an advantage or not, you may have broken rule 2. The
  12. To my mind right rudder is right rudder, regardless of which way the boat is going. You don't reconfigure nav lights when going astern, do you?
  13. If you can't wait, results from the Pre-Worlds regatta last weekend here
  14. I suspect a problem with that would be storing the gaseous hydrogen. I'm driving a fuel cell car and even at 10,000 psi the hydrogen tank takes up all the space under the back seat and half the trunk. So if the fuel cell was regenerating you'd probably need a very large tank or some pretty hefty (and, no doubt, energy-intensive) pressurization equipment to store a usable amount of H2.
  15. YouTube is your friend. It does take a bit of figuring to do a brummel if you don’t have both ends available. You might just skip the brummel. Do a straight bury and whip the throat to keep it from coming loose
  16. I think NOAA stopped printing tide & current tables last year. Found this: https://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/noaacurrents/
  17. I've been collecting old editions of Elvstrom, and in the foreword of the older editions Paul speaks to this:
  18. I've found that on the boat I usually sail on if TWS gets much below 3 kts it's better to flatten out the sails and let draft go aft to make the entry finer. This should reduce drag help keep flow attached. Once it gets above 3 it's time to deepen the sails & pull draft forward to power up.
  19. Maybe not such a good example - last updated in 2018: https://handbook.fide.com/chapter/E012018 Among others, there's this beauty: 4.4 If a player having the move: 4.4.1 touches his king and a rook he must castle on that side if it is legal to do so 4.4.2 deliberately touches a rook and then his king he is not allowed to castle on that side on that move and the situation shall be governed by Article 4.3.1 4.4.3 intending to castle, touches the king and then a rook, but castling with this rook is illegal, the player must make another legal move with his ki
  20. World Sailing, with reps from MNAs like US Sailing, are discussing it all the time, and I believe they'll take feedback from pretty much anyone who cares to offer it. I know they've got a working party going right now trying to find a "better way" on rule 18. I believe they make genuine efforts to make the rules simpler & more clear and eliminate "gray areas." A good example, I think, is this year's consolidation of exoneration circumstances that used to live in three separate rules into one. But their efforts to simplify are sometimes confounded by "gee, we never considered that" inc
  21. Well from the story I think the rules are certainly too complicated for a Reuters reporter. It looks to me like Rindom didn't get flagged for the contact (I'm pretty sure the races aren't being umpired, so the bumpee would have had to protest and Rindom could clear herself with a turns penalty), she got yellow-flagged by rule 42 observers for sculling (42.2(d)). Under Appendix P3 the general recall cancelled that penalty, but it still counts toward her total rule 42 breaches for the regatta. Because Rindom had been flagged for rocking (42.2(b)) in race 9, Appendix P2.2 required her to ret
  22. From the results I'm guessing this refers to Marit Bouwmeester in race 7 where she's listed as Black Flag DSQ (along with 5 other boats). So it sounds like she did the right thing by not sailing after a general recall and saved herself from a DNE. Are we going to believe that an Olympic-level ILCA 6 sailor and her Olympic-level coach have never experienced a Black Flag start before? Recent Laser (sorry, ILCA) regattas I've seen did the first start attempt under a U flag and went to Black after the first postpone or general. Yes, rule 30 gets a little complicated but this is the Olympics,
  23. If you think it's mainly a trim issue, watch the boats ahead. What are they doing that you're not? And the standard SoCal answer, if you can't figure out anything else blame it on kelp.
  24. I'd say if you want to fly just the state flag, it should be flown from the spreader/yardarm. Only the ensign should be flown from the stern.
  25. But overtaking is also a frequent point of confusion for racers, often thinking that being overtaken gives them rights. RRS don't care about relative motion, they care about relative position. If you're clear ahead, you have ROW. If you're "overtaking" to windward you have to keep clear as soon as the overlap is established (actually continue to keep clear, since you already had to keep clear when you were clear astern). But if you establish an overlap to leeward, the "overtaking" boat has ROW and the boat being overtaken must keep clear (possibly with restrictions on the leeward overtaking bo
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