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  1. Probably wouldn't go on their own bottoms, they'd be loaded on a heavy-lift vessel. As I recall the USN tried sending several MSOs to the Persian Gulf back in the 80s using an "enhanced tow" method, with not very good results.
  2. Patrick Childress & his wife Rebecca have a really interesting and informative YouTube channel following their worldwide cruise on their Valiant 40 Brick House. Apparently they've both contracted COVID-19 and Patrick is down hard, in ICU on a ventilator. From what's posted, Patrick's insurance is declining to cover "global pandemic" so a friend of theirs is running a GoFundMe page to help with expenses. If you're interested in following the story or contributing, link is here.
  3. Yeah, it looks more to me like they intentionally included those boats
  4. That's exactly what CRA is advocating according to their letter. And I get that they're pandering to the authorities hoping for permission to go sailing. Good intentions by CRA but maybe not worth the effort if you wind up with those kinds of restrictions. And I'm not sure the authorities will buy into it anyway, the path of least resistance for them is to just say no.
  5. Schock 35 also. Along with Santana and Wavelength, I think Bill Schock must have spend time on the rail at some point in his career...
  6. "Adrift". The real Hazana was a Trintella 44 ketch. Not sure what they used in the movie, but it looks kind of close (at least reasonably period correct) except for the rig and the missing windvane...
  7. All true unless you need a permit from USCG, which I believe CRA does. Many of their events are in the middle of San Diego bay, with a lot of commercial and naval traffic.
  8. Personally I'm against the idea of the organizing authority or race committee getting into the business of being social distancing police. I certainly wouldn't put any of that into an NOR or SI. Do you want to entertain protests because someone saw someone on another boat without a mask? Would you DSQ someone because they didn't maintain 1 meter spacing on the rail? Boaters (including sailboat racers) should know the guidelines/orders in place from public health authorities and each skipper should be responsible to the public health authorities for compliance aboard their vessels. And cre
  9. PHRF Southern California Fleet List here Medicine Man (97777) has two concurrent rating certificates, apparently one for masthead and one for fractional. A couple of J-105s have concurrent certificates if they choose to enter in their one-design configuration (smaller headsail & kite) There are a few other examples. I think it's up to the rating authority (at least within PHRF) whether they want to support multiple concurrent certs or not. That said, I believe that boats are (or at least ought to be) required to declare what certificate they intend to sail under when t
  10. I suspect the business model for these things is going to be for someone to buy several and provide them for regattas as a service. Unless they get a lot cheaper it doesn't seem to make sense for a YC to own them.
  11. Maybe for RC, but I'm not sure it would scale up.
  12. Good idea, especially given the difficulty of getting RC volunteers, but I think the price needs to (and will) come down significantly. The technology doesn't seem that hard, I'm guessing a high school robotics club could build one for under $500. And I can't figure out what the monthly "recurring fee" buys you...
  13. PHRF SoCal probably has one of the more complex rating systems. All boats have both a Regional and an Area rating, and potentially separate ratings for Windward-Leeward, Random Leg or Offwind courses. In addition they will rate a boat separately if sailed in one-design configuration (which includes all class rules including any crew weight or crew number limitations). For example, a J-105 in a windward-leeward race rates 78, but in OD configuration rates 90. If the owner wants both, the board issues two separate, concurrent rating certificates for the boat.
  14. I used the Mary Conlin Company (https://www.vesseldocumentation.com), recommended by previous owner, to transfer ownership. They're quite good. They did later send me a letter offering to do the renewal (with a service fee but I considered it a legit offer of service, not a scam). I did the renewal myself, it was easy and I saved the service fee.
  15. I'm honestly curious, how many people here have actually seen and/or participated in a protest hearing?
  16. Well, all the redress requests appeared to be around the fact that the Finn marks were dark orange, the nearby Laser marks were red and some Finn sailors overstood their weather mark thinking they were sailing to the Laser mark. PCs weren't sympathetic, all of the redress requests were denied. I'd expect that at a high level like that the sailors have a pretty good idea whether they broke a rule or not and can do the risk/reward math on doing turns. For the record I agree with you both that if you think another boat has broken a rule a protest is not inappropriate and that most racin
  17. Finn class in Rio, 3 protests (not including redress requests). One DSQ, one invalid, one initially DSQ but reversed on reopening (video evidence changed the facts found). https://www.sailing.org/olympics/rio2016/results/notices/protest-summary.php?view=pro&rgtaid=12379&evntid=31369&order=ASC
  18. If you look up Riggingdoctor.com, they rigged a 45' cruising cutter several years ago. Lots of information about how they did it and their experience with it over several years use. He mentions that after replacing all the SS with dyneema the boat sits a couple of inches higher on her lines and can carry significantly more sail with less heel due to reduced weight aloft.
  19. From the article it sounded like they had the funds for the haulout but were delayed due to overload at the yard. Hopefully "likely beyond repair" just means "beyond economical repair" --maybe some wealthy benefactors will step forward.
  20. Seems to me World Sailing could publish the 21-24 rules but still run the Tokyo Olympics (and maybe any remaining qualifying events that bleed into 2021) under the 17-20 RRS. That would leave all of the Olympic competitors on the same footing and racing under the rules they've trained under for the last 4 years. That would keep RRS changes in sync with future Olympic quadrennials - I don't guess the Tokyo postponement will ripple to Paris, I'd expect those games to go as scheduled in 2024.
  21. TJSoCal


    You think they're clustered in Los Angeles?
  22. TJSoCal


    I'm a little surprised they didn't send her to the Bay area or even to Seattle, seems like the need there is greater. But I'm sure people with more information than I have made the decision.
  23. Plenty of people, instead of flemishing the tail or doing something reasonably seamanlike, just take a bunch of extra figure 8s until they run out of line. Which doesn't add anything to the security of a properly tied cleat hitch and, at least in my opinion, looks lubberly.
  24. Looks neater than 10 extra figure 8s on the cleat...
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