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  1. Yeah this is what I've been wondering when they first announced it. One due to be complete end of Dec and another in March I believe? Only 18m too late...
  2. Found it! Shit website but you get the idea. IRCRecords Home Page - IRCRecords
  3. Isn't there an app or something launched recently that caters for this sort of thing, kinda like Strava but for sailing? A selection of pre-defined courses that anyone can race at any time and it uploads your GPS track to validate and confirm times? I can't find a link...
  4. Such a sad day and a great loss. Fair winds Cam
  5. Yeah looks good, am waiting to hear back on it. Seems almost too well priced? There seems to be a few very different Lidgard 26 models out there, anyone know more about these ones?
  6. For cruising I was planning to run smaller headies and a pin top/cut down main, whilst racing would be with experienced crew. Not a fan of the Noelex, either in looks or performance. I want a boat that looks good, has the the option of being able to go fast(er), and not be stuck with a generic trailer sailer. Surely there are other boats out there that fit the criteria?!
  7. Are all E780s made the same? Aside from the model differences, and mk1/mk2, are they all of a decent build quality? This one doesn't have any race pedigree so am a little wary...
  8. Not a fan of Etchells in the slightest! Rocket 780 would be great too, but I haven't seen many come on the market in recent times
  9. Thanks, I saw that one too and have been emailing the seller to find out more info. Would certainly be keen if she had a prodder!
  10. They're out of scope for that very reason. The Beale I've been talking to has a lot of similarities to the R780 but at a lesser price. Could be a goer
  11. I've been chatting to a guy who has an E7.4 available for sale but I'm not completely au fait with the performance - is it a quick ride like its other Elliott siblings?
  12. Certainly in the running, but can you genuinely fit 4 in the cabin to sleep? I know the 770 has a stretched 7 hull, but do they share the same size cabin?
  13. Would love to! Not sure my 7yo is confident enough to trim a kite yet though...
  14. These are/were top of the list...until we get to the budget part, and then I'd have to at least double it unfortunately. One day I will be able to afford one though!
  15. We're in the market for a new (to us) boat and am sussing out options. Sailing out of Sunshine Coast and surrounds, needs to be trailerable, fun and fast to sail (no 4ksb), easy to rig and shorthand, accommodate a family of 4 for cruising/overnighters, and able to competitively race in B2B and similar races. Budget is ~$25k. Current options are an Elliott 770 (very much a race boat atm so would need to stretch extra $$ to add get some comfort options for the family), or a Beale 780 which ticks most boxes but I'm wary about the fun factor, although they do rate better than a Ross 780 and
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