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  1. I couldn't hear him amongst the rest of the great unwashed chanting the same thing! Makes me glad to be back with a reception like that. Such a divided nation it seems, Fear and Blame is rife, at all levels. Nah, originally with Singapore into Brissie, but then got offered a no-transit flight into Sydney which we took. 18 passengers on the flight including us 4, it's ridiculous!
  2. Well, we finally made it back. Got bumped off flights a few times due to Singapore border closures and arrivals caps being halved due to The Fear but here we are, living it up in hotel quarantine. What have I missed in the last 5 years?
  3. Yeah I completely get that we are the small minority in all this and the masses take priority, but it's just the constant stream of double standards, shunning science, mis-management and general clusterfucks that are pissing me off. But I guess that's just politics anyway.
  4. Thanks, we're in the process of packing up the house now so will see how we go. My wife and I had Covid last month and I've heard of reduced quarantine for those who have tested positive previously / have antibodies so am also trying to get additional tests done to prove it!
  5. Currently booked with Singapore direct into Brissie for 3-Jan We were Bris via Syd but I think Singapore Air binned that route as there were a lot of us that got rebooked on the same day. Singapore seem to be one of the most reliable options so fingers crossed.
  6. Ah gotcha. Yeah I had one of those calls, and the tone of the questions was very much trying to delist you. I didn't actually think they'd overwrite our answers off the back of that though. Such a deceitful fucking shitshow he's running. I also enquired about financial assistance options in the event of having to support multiple flight bookings and was referred to the smarttraveller site. To be eligible you need to evidence where you need to prove you've pretty much begged from anyone and everyone else (including 4 friends and family!!) before they'll even consider it. Cunts. He ju
  7. I'm one of the Aussies abroad trying to get back home and the latest issue a lot of us have noticed is that <someone> has changed our responses on the Covid DFAT site from 'I am seeking to return to Australia within the next 2 months' to 'I am not seeking to return to Australia at this time'. It seems to have happened to hundreds of us at least! Fucking ScuMo trying to cook the books and fuck us all over even more!
  8. Hammo cancelled now too as the ROs cannot travel due to Sydney lockdown...
  9. Wow. Fair play to them, that is quite the build and quite the transformation! Sad to see a big tri end up like that but at least she's not in landfill. Where do they moor it? Original link post for refernence.
  10. 'Was' is the correct tense. Thoughts & prayers little fella.
  11. Either on the Isle of Dogs, or Wapping, near where she's moored atm. Going to head down there later and take a look at her
  12. And that's the assumption that is the undoing of your statement.
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