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  1. I too wanted this boat off of Craigslist. It looked like real find.
  2. AMF made one called the Hilu. I have one. It works great. I believe the are extremely rare. CLC has a nice kit of a Malibu outrigger. If you can locate a used Hilu, buy it because it uses Sunfish, components and is truly cartoppable, and surf launchable. All of the other solutions I have seen for the last 50 years are to heavy to use alone. My Salamba, proa would also work but it weighs @250lbs. Which is a handful in surf. Good luck, this is a problem that has fascinated me since my first ride on a Malibu outrigger.
  3. guerdon


    The HIN is usually cast in the gelcoat where the others said. A documented vessel is an international registration with the Coast Guard andis a completely different matter between the owner and the C.G. The HIN is between the mfg and the CG.
  4. Irving, could bend quarters with his fingers. He tried to show me but I couldn't get the hang of it [too much pain]. He used it prememptively in bars so that no one would fight him. Cool guy.
  5. There appears to be staining on the sheer clamp which. would indicate leakage between the hull and deck, A survey would clarify the source of the stains. You don't want to attempt this repair without the skill to separate the hull and deck outside of the factory jigs. It could be nothing or a hidden mess. Contact the builder about how the joint was originally secured and what the failure rate is for this model was.
  6. Irving Johnson's sailing aboard Peking, on you tube. A classic that paid the bills and will feed the stoke.
  7. Israel, nice boat. Check out Toto Fabrics in New Toto Indiana, they are online and sell small lots at drastic discounts. Nice people to deal with and will send actual samples for free so you get it right [the admiral will enjoy getting swatches to compare and she will be proud of you saving money.]
  8. It looks like a Mud Shark 20 ,[the offspring of a tryst between O'day and Princess]. Zappa, wrote an epic song about it in the early 70's.
  9. Bow bag and Bimini are optional drag inducers for rating reduction.
  10. That looks like Gratefuls' layout. Mclubes' products really made most of the friction disappear. Good luck.
  11. A first world recreational quandary. What color is fun?
  12. I have made curved pipe berths and crossbeams with pipe insulation for mandrels. If you are using knitted tubing wrap the wet-preg with moving wrap to even out the lay up. It's cheap, fast and you really don't need the knitted tubing if you cut dry cloth and wrap it on the bias.[ practice first]. If you are exacting you can make internal pipes to give exact duplicates that match the contours of the hulls. The pipes are pulled out of the tubing after the epoxy has cured [the insulation remains inside the carbon for sound deadening and thermal and electric isolation[besides it's stuck to the
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