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  1. It is not just the 70 vs 30 thing it is the underlying populations that generate this split. Imagine a situation where a jurisdiction is 99% vaccinated (would be nice) and where half of those getting infected were vaxxed and half were not. Many RW nutbars would try to make the point, being math-challenged that vaxxed and unvaxxed are equally likely to get infected. With the Vermont case if you divide 30/72 you get 0.42. If you divide 70/28 you get 2.5. Divide 2.5/0.42 and you get 6. This is the real difference between the two groups.
  2. I checked and something like 73% of Vermonters (Vermontians?) are fully vaxxed so 73% of the population is producing 30% of ICU folks. This means that the 27% who are not jabbed make up 70% of the ICU population. Huge advantage to get vaxxed.
  3. Good to give them the idea that this is the kind of wall they will be paying for, rather than the actual one which is a hedge - with thorns.
  4. Would make more sense to have the US as a theme park but that would spread 300 million + people often not of the desirable sort to other places. (Where did I put my purple ink?) Seriously though the world is moving towards zero population growth and eventually to population decline. The problem is that demographic transition to fertility rates below 2.1 is a slow process measured in many decades. A related issue is that the best way to drive down fertility rates is for the population to get richer (see China) which increases ecological footprints.
  5. Had an interesting experience with the new (old) boat I bought a month or so ago. It is now 43 years old. I contacted Skipper's Plan which is the largest boat insurer in Canada. Had a good survey and 50 years of experience and had insured with SP for many years - and they turned me down. They didn't say but I assume it was the boat age. Eventually went with Hagerty who are best known for insuring classic cars, but they also do boats. I went from having an old boat to having a classic boat. The bizarre thing was both brokers use the same insurance company, Aviva.
  6. Big Bird vs TFG. One is kind, intelligent, and honest. The other is Donald Trump.
  7. I don't believe for a minute that the country will get $200 million/yr out of this deal as the article suggests.
  8. Looks like it is setup for self-steering.
  9. The Vinyl Cafe was a national treasure and very much missed.
  10. 'In Flanders' Fields' read by Leonard Cohen. His voice is perfect for this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKoJvHcMLfc
  11. Massey Hall is the most famous concert hall in Canada. It has hosted everyone from Winston Churchill (I suspect he didn't sing), to Bob Dylan and Bob Marley. It has been closed for three years for a major refit - it opened in 1894 so work needed. Lightfoot did the last concert before its closure. He will do the first concert (actually three nights) when MH reopens later in November. Lightfoot, who is 83, has appeared at MH more than 165 times. The place is sometimes called 'The House of Gord'. 'The Wreck ...' would have been performed at every concert since it was released. Fun fact, Ligh
  12. Had an interesting surfing connection while anchored at Hanga Roa. To go ashore you passed between two surf breaks. The gap was narrow enough you could talk to the surfers on either side. You motored in fairly quickly (6 hp Mercury so not that quick) and made an abrupt left turn into a tiny, artificial harbour used by dive boats and the like. One day it was rough enough that the two surf breaks linked up. On our last day the surf built while we ashore shopping (great ice cream btw) and we got a tow through the surf from a dive boat going out.
  13. My wife and I went from Panama to Ecuador (month of backpacking in Ecuador and Peru), Galapagos, Easter, Pitcairn, and then on to Gambier and northern part of FP. Anchoring is very difficult in both Easter and Pitcairn. Check for blogs online, someone dove at Easter and identified two areas of sand off Hanga Roa. The shallower one (60') is squarish and big enough for four boats if they anchor near the corners. Other one is about 100' feet deep. Depending on conditions you can find other spots of anchor in what passes as the lee of the island. Weather/wind is changeable. Very enjoyable place ev
  14. But an incredibly well done show. The cast are outstanding.
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