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  1. I don't know, and can't be bothered to look it up, but I wonder if the major renovation of the House of Commons chamber will allow for significantly more MPs. In recent years in an attempt to improve representation in growing provinces additional seats have been added in the House but it was pretty much full before. I guess the other way to do it is not to have each MP with an assigned seat. I think that is what is done in the UK.
  2. Canada is not as bad as the US but still pretty uneven. Prince Edward Island with a population of 156,000 is guaranteed four MPs. The city of Oshawa where I live, has basically the same population (slightly more in fact) and has one MP.
  3. We did have one MP this week get caught naked at the beginning on a Zoom committee meeting. Apparently he just got out of the shower after returning from running and was preparing to dress before the meeting without realizing he was automatically connected. He apologized, being Canadian, and Confederation survived for another day.
  4. Cleaning is the easy part, passivating is key to keeping the rust off.
  5. Sol. post of the week if not the month. There are many differences between the US and Canada (and more similarities) but I think the biggest difference is that in Canada we do not celebrate ignorance in any of its forms. One may disagree with leaders on the right or left but almost always they are intelligent, educated people who speak reasonably about the positions they hold. Partly explains why our politics are rather bland and unexciting.
  6. Their platform also includes this, "The group aims to “follow in President Trump’s footsteps, and potentially step on some toes and sacrifice sacred cows for the good of the American nation,” Apparently they also believe in the sacred Anglo-Saxon tradition of mixing metaphors to make a point. Bonus points for mixing three in 14 words. Seriously, the reasonable part of the GOP, think Kinzinger and Romney, are going to have to decide what to do with these dangerous idiots or they will lose their party.
  7. Most important thing the big corps can do is donate their money elsewhere. Could lead directly to the re-imagining of what thee GOP is and stands for. For once I am with Big Business.
  8. Not sure if you could find it, but there is a wonderful Iranian-Canadian film called Kandahar (2001) that gives a haunting sense of what Afghanistan was like under the Taliban and what one assumes it will revert to after the US leaves.
  9. Haven't heard but I suspect they will be open barring the emergence and spread of a variant that is immune to current vaccinations.
  10. Definition of colony. Don't see anything there that says that it had to have a native population before the colonizers and there sheep came. noun 1. a country or area under the full or partial political control of another country, typically a distant one, and occupied by settlers from that country. Which French colonies are being held. French Polynesia is semi-autonomous. They were thinking of becoming independent until they looked at the books and realized they needed the subsidies from France and
  11. I think the minimum is two nights, not sure what the maximum is. I think it is an excellent idea. TAP (Portugal) has a similar offer. It really is not any extra expense for an airline to do this at one of their hubs. I am surprised an American carrier hasn't done it using NYC, Atlanta etc for the stopover from say Kansas City to London.
  12. We are considering going to Europe one Icelandair because they offer a free stopover in Iceland on your way to wherever in Europe. They say upfront that proof of full vaccination is required for entry.
  13. It certainly seems Trump is not even very happy.
  14. FP, at least the parts we went to are very nice although extremely expensive. Moorea was my fave of all. Mangareva is the most relaxed place I have ever been to. You have to order your baguettes (those are cheap, I think they are subsidized) for either morning pickup or late afternoon (or both). We found ourselves in long discussions about this. You get there by air from Tahiti, there are two flights every three weeks - or is it three flights every two weeks. Papeete has the most amazing supermarket I have ever seen, but pricey.
  15. What does power house have to do with anything. China and Russia are powerhouses just not very nice quality of life unless you are very rich. I would much prefer living in Martinique than the US.
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