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  1. Does see feel that identifying himself as 45th Prez, he adds gravitas to what follows ... or is he just afraid people are forgetting he existed?
  2. That is just silly. There are at least a dozen, if not more, countries whose 'journey' is far superior - no slavery on which to base a country, no civil war - no Covid mess to bring it to date.
  3. I did a quick check of shooting medals in the Olympics. I (mistakenly) assumed that the US with its strange obsession with guns would dominate. Interestingly, the US has won 5 medals as of this morning while China has won 9. Last I checked, China was not obsessed with gun culture. Maybe in the US you don't worry about accuracy and just rely on firepower.
  4. I think you confuse 'approved' with 'could care less one way or the other'.
  5. Is the governor of the Great State of Fla seeing his presidential hopes departing? Hope so, couldn't happen to a nicer guy, except Trump of course.
  6. What have you got against high-trained horses? I agree, the Olympics could usefully cut several things.
  7. I think that has been forged. The English-usage Nazis would only see one egregious error - should be two sentences. The mob were not that literate - or intelligent, but that is a different, but related, issue.
  8. Ever priced out a dressage pony? I suspect a good one is a lot more than $200k. What about the organizers providing the boats and then selling them after. Perhaps rich sailing dudes could pay half the cost.
  9. I am a fan of theee Dutchman system. Works very well.
  10. U of M Engineering must be so disappointed ... and embarrassed. If you are such a competent scientist why do you quote temperatures in Fahrenheit?
  11. Been quite a few years but we found that Defender did not have free shipping of chain, something to do with truck delivery, while West had free shipping to the local store. We pulled in behind the store to load into truck. It actually was quite a good deal, unusual for WM.
  12. Another documentary for you with a somewhat confusing title considering the other one is Maiden. This one should be available everywhere. Maidentrip is about Laura Dekker's trip around the world which she completed at age 16. We crossed paths with her, on the SSB, for a few days when we were west of French Polynesia. We were going to the Cook Islands and she was going to Vanuatu which we reached a couple of months later. She was going as fast as she could to get to South Africa in the summer. She mentions having 12 days of calms in the eastern Indian Ocean. I think she must hav
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