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  1. A very good analogy gspot. I have 009 NACA symmetrical foil shapes on my dagger boards and rudders on 2 of 10. Well balanced up to 20kts true. Upwind with a high mode of pointing (same as other 36' monohulls) but 12kts boatspeed. Downwind the rudders are the only thing in the water. Reaching slight amount of daggerboard in the water. We had 012 shapes before. They were slower overall but pointed the boat a little higher if that's critical (for me NOT) The 009 shapes are better overall in my opinion for my boat after sailing it for 21 years. My a analogy is thin will win and light is right. P
  2. Tim Clissold designed the Weta. He has some nice designs in the 20 to 26' ramge. I like the TC666. A little too much accommodation for me but a cross between his 601, 627 and the 666 would be worth considering. A 22' with a small cabin, minimalist comforts, light and fast. Good for local racing and daysailing. Most of his boats are boomless but I prefer a boom. A place for the lady and me to sit below out of weather now and then and an optional head.
  3. A prime example of a multihull that has "ditched the rig" Good to see new and different thinking in regards to powering up multihulls.
  4. Structural loading and damage could have occurred early on in the speed build coming off the mark causing the foil to angle to change, causing the boat to be unstable. Just a guess. I have seen it happen on fast boats I have sailed on before including mine. TH would be one of the best sailors 99.9% of you would have the privilege of sailing with. The American boat has a hole in it just like American democracy. Both can be fixed but will take some time.
  5. Agree with the Craftsman vac. Had mine for 25 years. I replaced the motor once. Will suck a golf ball through a 40 ft garden hose :-) Since I live in New Zealand I have run mine on a transformer for the last 17 years. It is still the best vacuum (suction wise)I have used here and I am a builder that works with a lot of people that have "other vaccumes"
  6. I got talked into a 90hp 4 stroke. by a yacht builder/designer mate of mine. I should be able to throttle way back and save burning much petol. I am just a few weeks off starting the build as the boat apparently isn't even worth what I paid for it (it has been for sale for a year). This is when it was pile of shit with only the hulls barely useable. This will be a different beast than a sailing cat. Certainly had a lot of fun with it over the last 20 years! What a machine it was as a sailboat. Thanks for sending link to the tornado powercat hannibalhouse. Thank you for
  7. A good surface look at a very well put together tri. I hope they continue to get competition there. I know it's hard when your the fastest boat around and the competition is miles behind. It eventually gets a little boring but it's awesome at the same time. Go the Merlot. I couldn't get past the Kyle Bush hat though! Keep up the good boat reviews. I like the segment.
  8. Good light air upwind test for everyone. The Leader came by here (Cape Rodney) at 3pm. 5.5 hrs into the race and only 30 miles into the race. SLOOOOW! A monohull was first to finish. First time in quite a while for that scenario..
  9. Round in the middle high on the ends. It's a beautiful world.
  10. Hard to believe that there are not any if any ultralight pod powercats for weekend cruising out there. Everything I see out there is way overbuilt with way too many doo dads, cabinets and other worthless shit mounted to them. Simple and light is the key! I am hoping that the weight of the pod/interior, deck and motor fixings will weigh less than all the sailing gear, tramps, winches, crossbeams, etc. If that is achievable a 60hp 4 stroke should move the 36 at a good clip very efficiently. Thanks for those nice videos of smaller cats, it gives me inspiration of what is possible when things ar
  11. You can buy resign was additive to add to the unwaxed resign. Cheap as chips! I have done it with gelcoat and laminating resign. It cures to a hard sandable surface.
  12. I know quite a bit about trim as I have had the boat as a racing catamaran for 21 years but point well taken. Fuel will probably be in center hull for the most part unless a long voyage is taken. Only one prop at this point and should be very well buried in the water.
  13. Good idea ! That will help stiffen the pod platform up as well.
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