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  1. Re powered with new sails and a complete refit instead. The boat will go in the water on the 27th. Lockdown was long here and the racing has just started again half way through summer. Looking forward to going powerboat speeds again :-)
  2. Slime is pretty fast. We Raced against it in the Route 66 (66 miles) the year before lockdown. I thought they would kick our ass. We ended up beating them by about an hour boat for boat. Slime looks nice and tidy and looks seriously fast. I think the sails might be a bit tired but that's just a guess. I think it's been for sale for the last year. Would be a great ride for the Coastal Cassic. They are in our YC but they don't race with us. I understand they did a lot of cruising with it. It sits in the Mahurangi near Warkworth.
  3. Thanks for posting the shot VR. It's also an awesome shot of Ormond beach in the background on a typical light foggy Oxnard day too. That is why we raised the mast height a couple feet. 2 of 10 looks a lot better now!
  4. Tom must have 9 lives. He flipped his cat Warp 10 in the SB to KH race with his brother Fred and their mate. It sank but they were recued By the sled Vickey that picked them up on there way by. We were about an hour in front of them at that point in a pretty windy downhill race. Good times. The 36 isn't A hand full....It's two hand fulls if not ballanced properly. I am looking through my pictures when I first met Tom and Fred and went for a test sail on Warp 10 before I bought my boat which Tom turned me on to. I'll post when I find them. Here in Atearoa it's more often than not, WINDY. W
  5. I hope that means Tom is still around and has plans to get on the water. Maybe a new plaything in your area? Maybe someone else will be scared out of their baggies! I love looking out my front Windows at my boat everyday but I am dreaming of the day I can cast the lines off and put up the HP.
  6. The mold that Tom Rolland had in his front yard as Munt says in Ojai California, was pretty rough. The boats off that mold were all considered originals. As far as I know only 10 came off that mold. It's anybody guess as to where they are now if Munt doesn't see them at Toms house. My boat was built in 1979 off that mold and was the second one of the 10 made by him. The hulls took a bit of work to straighten them up. As Tom told me, there were no drawings just a thumb in the air to say it looked about right. Mine has been for sale the
  7. Hello,

    My name is Will Snow. I found Vanishing Girl languishing in Santa Cruz and am now getting it ready to sail again. I read Goin To Weather and learned a lot about its inception. I am trying to learn more about the ship and would appreciate any other info or pics you have. My email is William.h.snow@gmail.com. It is going to sail in Santa Cruz so I planned to use the Olson 30 sail for now. I look forward to hearing from you.


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    2. Silly Snowman
    3. Silly Snowman

      Silly Snowman

      Vanishing Girl is back on the water in Santa Cruz

    4. Billy Bob

      Billy Bob

      Hi Will,

      Nice job recovering an awesome boat from languishing a slow death in Santa Cruz. You can email me at wrboyes@earthlink.net. I have loads of pictures. I sent the plans to an other Olsen owner on this site and never heard back from them. That was years ago. Hope your having fun with the boat. It was set up as a light air machine. Santa Cruz in probably not a good place to reach it's full potential but still a comfortable boat to day sail on. 

      Sorry for the late response but I don't sign into S.A. That often.

  8. Like the Ed I met Bill in the 70's racing sabots. I always had good conversations and certainly a few laughs with him. Loved sailing with him and certainly Loved sailing against him. I am Sure he will be missed by a lot of our peers in Socal. I guess a lot of us are now getting to that point where we are getting fucking old! Does anybody know what got him?
  9. I told the boat yard I wanted to fair the boat bottom by flipping the boat over. I left for a quick lunch, returned and saw that this was a job half finished!
  10. Still my favorite flavor! 22 years of togetherness! For an oldie she is still the boat of my dreams.
  11. Just converted what we pay here in New Zealand for a gallon of gas. In U.S. dollars it works out to be $6.95 per gallon. We are just shuting down our last refinery so we will be dependent on the world oil market in the near future. I think our future will be electric or hybrid sooner than later. There are still a lot of gas guzzlers on the road here. At least for now most of the tax on petrol goes to fixing old and building new roads. It shows in our area. Can't remember the last time I hit a pothole.
  12. Good race beteen Horizon and Triamph. Pete and Elvis are both really great sailors. I have sailed and spent a lot of my life around both. Tactical wise Pete schooled Elvis in the end with a better wind angle to the finish. Both boats sailed great races, class and overall. Pretty darn good for older boats. They should be proud of their showing. I am also happy with Peligroso doing so well (old fling). Doug and his crew did very well with the boat. Mike Cambell would have been very happy to see his old boat do so well. Congrats to Pyewacket for the Barn Door Trophy. It seems Roy has a
  13. A very good analogy gspot. I have 009 NACA symmetrical foil shapes on my dagger boards and rudders on 2 of 10. Well balanced up to 20kts true. Upwind with a high mode of pointing (same as other 36' monohulls) but 12kts boatspeed. Downwind the rudders are the only thing in the water. Reaching slight amount of daggerboard in the water. We had 012 shapes before. They were slower overall but pointed the boat a little higher if that's critical (for me NOT) The 009 shapes are better overall in my opinion for my boat after sailing it for 21 years. My a analogy is thin will win and light is right. P
  14. Tim Clissold designed the Weta. He has some nice designs in the 20 to 26' ramge. I like the TC666. A little too much accommodation for me but a cross between his 601, 627 and the 666 would be worth considering. A 22' with a small cabin, minimalist comforts, light and fast. Good for local racing and daysailing. Most of his boats are boomless but I prefer a boom. A place for the lady and me to sit below out of weather now and then and an optional head.
  15. A prime example of a multihull that has "ditched the rig" Good to see new and different thinking in regards to powering up multihulls.
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